Zide / Perry Productions

Zide / Perry Productions is an American company that operates in the field of film production of independent cinema . Founded by Craig Perry and Warren Zide, she is best known for such films as the Destination Final Series and the American Pie 1 , 2 series . Continue reading


Utopia (cinema)

Utopia is a French network of independent cinemas founded by Anne-Marie Faucon and Michel Malacarnet . It is now established in Avignon , Bordeaux , Montpellier , Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône , Pontoise , Toulouse and Tournefeuille .

Utopia cinemas have three Art and Essay labels  : Young Audiences, Directories and Research and Discovery.

They are founding members of the association Independents Solidaires et Federates . Continue reading


Sundance Institute

The Sundance Institute is an American non-profit organization founded by Robert Redford in 1981 that is involved in the promotion and production of independent cinema worldwide. Based in Park City , Utah, Los Angeles , California, and New York City , she offers financial and creative support to emerging filmmakers or future directors, screenwriters, producers, composers, and more.

Since 1985 Sundance Institute has been organizing the Sundance Film Festival , which has become the leading independent film festival. Continue reading


Jean-Jacques Rousseau (filmmaker)

Jean-Jacques Rousseau , born onin Souvret and died onin Montigny-le-Tilleul , is a Belgian director of independent cinema , self-proclaimed “filmmaker of the absurd” .

Defending a movie is limited budgets, from 2 000 to 2 500  per film, with non-professional actors, it is, with some forty films made, one of the most prolific Belgian filmmakers 1 . Continue reading


Yōichirō Morikawa

Yoichiro Morikawa 森川陽一郎 , Morikawa Yoichiro ? , Bornin Fukui ) is an independent film director, scriptwriter , actor andJapanese calligrapher . He drew media attention when he was arrested and charged on suspicion of paying a girl of 17 years for sexual services in March 2006 1 , 2 , 3 . Continue reading


The Screens of Paris

The Ecrans de Paris is a film company consisting of a circuit of five independent cinemas representing 13 screens and 2,300 seats in Paris. The five theaters are the Harlequin , the Reflet Médicis , El Escorial , the Majestic Bastille and the Majestic Passy . Continue reading


Schools 21

Film Schools 21 , formerly Action Schools and the Desperado is an independent film with arthouse located 23, rue des Ecoles , in the th  arrondissement of Paris . It is a cinema specialized in the covers of old films, in particular American, in original version. Continue reading


Diagonal Cinemas

The Diagonal cinema ( Le Diago ) is a cinema in Montpellier , mainly using art and experimental films, but also some foreign films released in the original version with subtitles . Continue reading


Cinema and video amateurs

The term ”  amateur cinema and video  ” refers to the production of moving images filmed by non-professionals, often for the purpose of recording family memories, travels, etc. There are also works of fiction produced by amateur filmmakers 1 , most often short films .

At the time of cinema on film , specific formats have been developed, as well as material, for amateurs. Later, the arrival of the consumer video facilitated the shooting of moving images and their viewing (on a simple television screen ), and especially transformed this type of cinema by adding the sound that, in film , was a problem and even in general an impossibility, given the addition of a second camera – both shooting and projection – a tape recorder and a synchronizer image / sound, whose handling and price reserved his use to some amateurs enlightened and fortunate. The advent of digitalthen introduced video recording into almost all portable electronic devices; computers , cameras , mobile phones , until the near-universalization of HD today available on various devices. Continue reading


The Brady

Brady is a cinema in Paris opened in 1956 1 , located 39 Boulevard de Strasbourg in the 10 th  district . It was frequented by François Truffaut among others , and was bought by Jean-Pierre Mocky in 1994 , who sold it in 2011.

A time called The Brady-Albatros , according to the film of the same name Mocky (1971), it is renovated in 2009 to be transformed into cinema-theater. It has two rooms of 100 and 39 seats.

It is classified Art and Essay . Continue reading