Christiaan Slieker

Christiaan Slieker (born in Leeuwarden in 1861 and died in Assen on March 9, 1945) was a Dutch projectionist from the early days of cinema . He is credited with the first showing of a film in the Netherlands in 1896 1 .


Christiaan Slieker comes from a Frisian family of fairgrounds 1 .

In 1896, he bought a cinematograph made by HO Foersterling & Co., and on 15 2 or 16th 1 July 1896, he said, in Leeuwarden, the first film screening in the Netherlands. That same year, it was also him who diffused the first Dutch film of fiction  : Gestoorde hengelaar 3 of MH Laddé .

This was the beginning of an itinerant show he called the Grand Theater Edison 2 .

Notes and references

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