Léon Gaumont

Léon Gaumont is an inventor and industrialist French , bornin Paris and died onin Sainte-Maxime , the industry pioneer cinema . Continue reading


Aurora Shootout

The shooting of Aurora takes place on the night of 19in a movie theater of Aurora in Colorado , the United States , at 30 km from Littleton , seat of the Columbine shootings in 1999 1 . Twelve people are killed and fifty-eight wounded by James Eagan Holmes , 24, during a premiere of The Dark Knight Rises 2 . Continue reading



the Fukuhōdō 福宝堂? ) is a Japanese film production company, active in the early years of the history of cinema in Japan. Continue reading


History of French animation

The History of French animation begins in the xix th  century when France pioneered in subsequent patents to the invention of the Cinematograph . It mainly earns its spurs in xx th  century when French filmmakers arise in counterpoint hegemonic Disney .

Throughout the century, France sees the establishment of a serious and solid animation industry, but projects sometimes struggle to find funds and must then limit their ambitions because they suffer from disrepute compared to cinema in taken real views. Critical and commercial successes such as The King and the Bird (1980), Kirikou and the Sorceress (1998), The Triplets of Belleville (2003) or Persepolis (2007), however, allow to consolidate the reputation of the genre. Continue reading


First avant-garde (cinema)

The term avant-garde refers, in the history of cinema, to the French school of the early 1920s , which was formed as an innovative trend in commercial cinema. Continue reading


Kinetoscope Parlor

Kinetoscope Parlor is one of the first versions of cinemas, appeared in 1894 under the impulse of the American inventor and industrialist Thomas Edison . At the entrance, “you pay twenty-five cents, which is not cheap, but you can watch as many films as desired 1 . ” Continue reading



In a movie, the flashback , or flashback , whose literary equivalent is the analepsis , is script writing process which, within the narrative continuity, introduced an action (in the form of a plane , a sequence , or a scene ) that took place chronologically before the current action.

This process is most often used to provide the viewer with the necessary elements to understand the behavior of the main characters but can also be used for poetic, humorous purposes, etc. Continue reading


Lost movie

lost film is a long or a short film of cinema that no longer exists in any archive in any studio or whether we can not find in any private collection. The term “lost film” is also used in the literal sense to refer to films in which certain scenes or sequences have been lost, unedited or whose alternative versions have been misplaced.

Sometimes a copy of a “lost film” is found; these copies are then listed under the name of Lazare films [ref. necessary] . A film that has not been found in its entirety is called a “partially lost film”. Continue reading


Erotic movie

An erotic film , also said soft porn or Softporn is a movie finality erotic where sexuality is central. If nudity is present in erotic films, sex is simulated, which is their main difference compared to pornographic films . Erotic films are linked to what is known as ”  soft pornography  ” , while pornographic films are ”  hard porn  ” .

In France, the majority of the films grouped under the name “erotic” are films banned under 16 years. Continue reading


Arte Italiana movie

Film of Arte Italiana (full name: Società Anonima Italiana per Film d’Arte ) is an Italian film housespecialized in the production and distribution of films that was active during the mute period. Continue reading