The theater is a performing art . In French , it is commonly referred to as the ” seventh art “, according to the expression of the critic Ricciotto Canudo in the 1920s 1 . The cinematographic art is characterized by the spectacle proposed to the public in the form of a film, that is to say a narrative (fictional or documentary), conveyed by a medium (flexible film, magnetic tape, digital container) which is recorded and read by a continuous or intermittent mechanism that creates the illusion of moving images, or by continuous recording and reading of computer data. Communication to the public of the recorded show, which is different from the live performance, is done by the illumination through the support, the passage of light by a set of mirrors and / or optical lenses, and the projection of this light beam on a transparent screen (Émile Reynaud, Thomas Edison ) or opaque (Lumière brothers), or the diffusion of the digital signal on a plasma or LED screen. In the original and limiting sense, cinema is the public projection of a film on a screen (indoor or outdoor). From Émile Reynaud, in 1892Film creators understand that the projected show is better accompanied by music that builds the mood of the story, or highlights each action represented. Very quickly, they add noises caused by an assistant during each screening, and make comments on the actions by a huckster also present in the room. Since its invention, cinema has become a popular art , entertainment , industry and media . It may also be used for advertising, propaganda , pedagogy or scientific research purposes or as part of a personal and singular artistic practice.

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Screen Junkies

Their weekly show ‘Movie Fights’ makes me come back every week. This is the best quiz on Youtube (I did not watch another quiz on Youtube, but if I did not hear about it then I doubt it will be better than Movie Fights) and offers a long video full of entertainment with guests ranging from Youtubers to Hollywood screenwriters. They also have a Honest Trailer series in which they recreate a trailer and, honestly, make it honest.


This channel is really unique in that it will go through an entire movie in about 12 or 15 minutes and you can see everything that’s wrong with it. It’s not done in a fussy way, but rather with a comic value instead. I often found that if I ever wanted to remember what happened in a movie without watching the whole movie, Cinema Sins is also the perfect solution (for example, I found myself wanting a reminder of what’s went to Jurassic Park 3 a few hours before watching Jurassic World, I’m looking for Cinema Sins, problem solved).  

English Riviera Film Festival

The English Riviera Film Festival is an independent film festival in the picturesque location of Torbay (English Riviera) in    Devon in the UK. Founded in 2015, the festival has grown from a one-day festival / venue to a multi-site festival with international recognition reflected in the winners of the first prizes of the 2017 English Riviera Film Festival.

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This channel is the king of the Top 10 and although their content covers a range of topics, their top 10 top revolve around movies. Have you ever wondered what were the worst movie deaths, or perhaps the funniest insults? Well Watch Mojo has you covered.


There is a range of content CineFix producer comments to Top 10. I find that the “things you did not know” and their “Top 10” videos provide a lot of entertainment and information on some movies.

Jeremy Jahns

Probably one of the most popular Youtube movie commentators. His energetic and stand-up approach to film review makes for an entertaining watch. It covers pretty much any movie that comes out, with some trailer analysis videos here and there.

Every Frame a Painting

If you want to deepen the art of cinema and analyze the elements that are used in the industry, such as how accessories are used or why a specific shot is used, then this is the channel for you . Really a unique channel that is ideal for filmmakers looking to learn more about the history of the industry.