You talkin ‘to me?

” You talkin ‘to me?  “ , Usually translated into French by”  C’est à moi, what are you talking about?  “Is a famous line uttered by Robert De Niro in the movie Taxi Driver by Martin Scorsese released in 1976.

The replica has permanently implanted in popular culture and is ranked 10 th in the ranking of the hundred most famous lines of American cinema ( AFI’s 100 Years … 100 Movie Quotes ). She contributed a lot to the popularity of Robert De Niro.

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Well … nobody’s perfect!

“Well … nobody’s perfect! “ ( Well … nobody’s perfect! ) Is a famous line uttered by Joe E. Brown in the film Some Like It Hot by Billy Wilder released in 1959.

This final reply is permanently implanted in American popular culture and is ranked 48 th in the ranking of the hundred most famous lines of American cinema ( AFI’s 100 Years … 100 Movie Quotes ) .

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You have beautiful eyes, you know.

“You have beautiful eyes, you know” is a famousreplicaaddressed byJean GabintoMichèle Morganin the film The Quai des Mist ofMarcel Carné,released in 1938.


The dialogue, written by Jacques Prévert , takes place between Jean ( Jean Gabin , a military deserter) and Nelly ( Michèle Morgan , the girl under guardianship).

Jean: “You have beautiful eyes, you know. ”
Nelly: ” Kiss me. ( He kisses her )
Jean: “Nelly! ”
Nelly: ” Kiss me again 1 . “

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Lulu la Nantes

Lulu la Nantaise is the name of a fictional character who became a cult when he is mentioned only by his name in two sentences dialogues written by Michel Audiard in the kitchen scene of the film Les Tontons flingueurs by Georges Lautner ( 1963).

The name of this character enjoys a lively popularity in the French public, to the point that we can consider it as a ” meme “. Indeed, over time, the considerable and lasting success of the film, and especially that of this scene with cult replicas , have made the name of “Lulu la Nantaise” extremely popular to the point that it has been taken over for many different creations : title of a satirical literary prize 1 , 2 , a children’s clothing brand 3 , graphic designers’ studios, advertising agencies, restaurants, bistros, tea rooms ( Montauban , Biarritz …), a satirical newspaper from Nantes La Lettre à Lulu, and, of course, blog titles, web nicknames, etc.

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I am Spartacus!

“I am Spartacus! “ (Or” I’m Spartacus! “In the original version) is a phrase from the film Spartacus by Stanley Kubrick ( 1960 ). It is pronounced by Kirk Douglas who embodies the famous leader who unleashed the Punic war .

One of the famous scenes of the film is the capture of slaves who are asked which of them is Spartacus in exchange for their freedom. Instead, each of them confesses to being Spartacus to share his destiny. A similar scene or event is sometimes called a Spartacus moment in reference to this popular scene. It was sometimes misinterpreted as a historical fact, notably by the Scottish politician George Galloway , who identifies Spartacus as his hero.

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It’s Good to Be the King Rap

It’s Good to Be the King Rap (also known as It’s Good to Be the King ) is a song written byMel BrooksandPete Wingfieldand performed byMel Brooks, released as a single in1981. The title of the song comes from thefetish sentenceof the movie The Mad History of the World , in which Brooks says it three times.

The single encounter some success in the US , but also in the world, including France , where it ranks second in the charts at the time and has sold 375,000 copies 3 .

The rap group Alliance Ethnik has sampled the first part for its title Respect 4 .

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I’ll be back

I’ll be back ( ” I shall return “) is acult sentenceusually associated with theactor American Arnold Schwarzenegger, who used it in themovieofscience fiction Terminator (1984). In theoriginalscript, the replica was writtenI will be backwithout the contraction 1 , 2 .

Schwarzenegger uses the same sentence (or a variant) in many of his subsequent films 3 . He also used the reply in public speeches held during his duties as Governor of California 4 , 5 .

The This sentence is in 37 th position on the list AFI’s 100 Years … 100 Movie Quotes of the American Film Institute 6 .

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Hasta the vista, baby

Hasta the vista , baby is acult phraseassociated with the character played byArnold Schwarzeneggerin thesci-fi movie Terminator 2: The Last Judgment .


The phrase ” Hasta la vista ” is a Spanish phrase that can be translated literally by goodbye or revelation .

The phrase associated with the word baby in the expression Hasta la vista , baby , is used in Looking for a New Love by Jody Watley , popular success in 1987 1 . It is also used in 1988 in the song Wild Thing  (en) of Tone Loc .

Its use in Terminator 2: The Last Judgment turned it into a cult phrase and immortalized it around the world.

This phrase was used as electoral argument by Arnold Schwarzenegger during his election campaign, on his election as Governor of the State of California 2 .

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Frankly, my dear, it’s the least of my worries

Frankly, my dear, I do not give a damn ” (in original : Frankly, my dear, I do not give a damn ) is the final reply of Rhett Butler ( Clark Gable ) to Scarlett O’Hara ( Vivien Leigh ) in the film Gone with the wind from 1939 .

This replica was voted biggest replica of the American cinema in 2005 , whereas it could have been censored during the filming by the code Hays . A cult favorite , this quote has been pastiched and parodied into a number of popular entertainments, including the animated series The Simpsons or the shows That ’70s Show and The Muppet Show .

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Oh!  “Is a recurrent expression of Homer Simpson in the original and Quebec versions of the animated series The Simpsons , also pronounced” T’oh!  In the French version.

Homer uses this onomatopoeia after having committed a blunder or an idiocy, when he is injured or when he is surprised. Other characters may use this phrase, such as Bart , Lisa, or the parents of Homer, Mona, and Abraham .

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Atmosphere! Atmosphere! Do I have a mouth of atmosphere?

“Atmosphere! Atmosphere! Do I have a mouth of atmosphere? “ Is a famous replica called by Arletty in the film Hôtel du Nord from Marcel Carne released in 1938. This replica is permanently implanted in popular culture, thanks to the special intonation, emblematic of Parisian banter , given by actress to this sentence.


The dialogue, written by Henri Jeanson , takes place between Raymonde ( Arletty , a prostitute) and Edmond ( Louis Jouvet his protector ). They are on a lock that spans the Canal Saint-Martin , not far from the Hotel du Nord that we see. Edmond wants to go fishing in La Varenne and complains Raymonde he finds too sticky , she wants him to go with her to Toulon .

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AFI’s 100 Years … 100 Movie Quotes

The American Film Institute has compiled a list of the 100 Best Replicas of American Cinema ( 100 Years … 100 Movie Quotes ), which was first released in 2005 on CBS , after a jury of 1,500 people.

The replicas are originally in English, will be treated here the official French versions of these replicas when they exist.

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Replica worship

cult replica is a famous and popular phrase from a fictional work , which is often cited, becoming cult .

The cult reply can be a favorite phrase if it is used more than once by its source. In general, a cult film often gives the opportunity to have cult replicas.

Sociological impact

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These replicas are the source of a sociological phenomenon of fashion, many people taking replicas, and sometimes divert them mainly in the field of humor and advertising [ref. necessary] .

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