Utopia (cinema)

Utopia is a French network of independent cinemas founded by Anne-Marie Faucon and Michel Malacarnet . It is now established in Avignon , Bordeaux , Montpellier , Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône , Pontoise , Toulouse and Tournefeuille .

Utopia cinemas have three Art and Essay labels  : Young Audiences, Directories and Research and Discovery.

They are founding members of the association Independents Solidaires et Federates .

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Sundance Institute

The Sundance Institute is an American non-profit organization founded by Robert Redford in 1981 that is involved in the promotion and production of independent cinema worldwide. Based in Park City , Utah, Los Angeles , California, and New York City , she offers financial and creative support to emerging filmmakers or future directors, screenwriters, producers, composers, and more.

Since 1985 Sundance Institute has been organizing the Sundance Film Festival , which has become the leading independent film festival.

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Jean-Jacques Rousseau (filmmaker)

Jean-Jacques Rousseau , born onin Souvret and died onin Montigny-le-Tilleul , is a Belgian director of independent cinema , self-proclaimed “filmmaker of the absurd” .

Defending a movie is limited budgets, from 2 000 to 2 500  per film, with non-professional actors, it is, with some forty films made, one of the most prolific Belgian filmmakers 1 .

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Cinema and video amateurs

The term ”  amateur cinema and video  ” refers to the production of moving images filmed by non-professionals, often for the purpose of recording family memories, travels, etc. There are also works of fiction produced by amateur filmmakers 1 , most often short films .

At the time of cinema on film , specific formats have been developed, as well as material, for amateurs. Later, the arrival of the consumer video facilitated the shooting of moving images and their viewing (on a simple television screen ), and especially transformed this type of cinema by adding the sound that, in film , was a problem and even in general an impossibility, given the addition of a second camera – both shooting and projection – a tape recorder and a synchronizer image / sound, whose handling and price reserved his use to some amateurs enlightened and fortunate. The advent of digitalthen introduced video recording into almost all portable electronic devices; computers , cameras , mobile phones , until the near-universalization of HD today available on various devices.

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The Brady

Brady is a cinema in Paris opened in 1956 1 , located 39 Boulevard de Strasbourg in the 10 th  district . It was frequented by François Truffaut among others , and was bought by Jean-Pierre Mocky in 1994 , who sold it in 2011.

A time called The Brady-Albatros , according to the film of the same name Mocky (1971), it is renovated in 2009 to be transformed into cinema-theater. It has two rooms of 100 and 39 seats.

It is classified Art and Essay .

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Association for independent cinema and its diffusion

The Independent Film Association for its broadcast ( ACID ) is an association of filmmakers defending independent cinema . It supports theatrical release of independent films and works for the meeting between these films, their authors and the public.

The strength of ACID’s work lies in its founding idea: support by filmmakers from other filmmakers, French or foreign. Every year, ACID’s filmmakers accompany about thirty feature films, drama and documentaries, in more than 200 independent theaters and at festivals in France and abroad.

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Anthology Film Archives

The Anthology Film Archives is a film library located in New York opened to the public on 30 November 1970 .

The Anthology Film Archives was founded by Jonas Mekas and other filmmakers of the underground experimental film scene .

The goal of this world-renowned institution is the conservation, study and showcasing of independent film heritage produced outside the Hollywood industrial system 1 .

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Independent cinema

The independent film defines all of cinema produced outside the media conglomerates and claiming some autonomy in relation to methods of production, and political conventions of popular cinema.

By extension, this category may include the amateur film , the experimental cinema , the guerrilla filmmaking and, to some extent, the kind of movies and some national cinemas as Dogme 95 .

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