The telecine is the name given to various optical and electronic techniques to convert a movie theater turned on silver film video source. By extension, the term refers to the process of adapting a movie sequence to the chosen digital format. This processing is based on the addition of complementary frames on the still image, which allows the transfer of any silver film ( 8 mm, Super 8 , 9.5 mm , 16 mm , 35 mm , etc.), whatever its projection speed, towards a digital medium.

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Bankable ( Anglicism from the verb to bank ) is a term of cinematographic jargon which means, according to the occurrences, “who brings back money” or “which makes it possible to finance a film on his name”. It does not have exactly the same meaning according to whether we speak of American cinema or French cinema , which is explained by the differences between the financing systems of these cinematographies. This adjective, which initially applies to actors, can also qualify a director or even some elements of a film (history, characters …). Since the mid-1990s, the importance of having generic bankable players would strongly influence the distribution choices of films, both French and American, to the point of creating controversy: the artistic choices of filmmakers would be constrained and, in France, this system would paradoxically increase disproportionately the budgets of movies.

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