The landing of the photography congress in Lyon

The landing of the congress of photography in Lyon is a French filmdirected by Louis Lumière on June 11, 1895 in Neuville-sur-Saone , during the debarkation of the delegates, released in 1895 . This “animated photographic view”, as well as the Lumière brothers named their bobineaux, is one of the 10 films shown at the Salon Salon du Grand Café from.


A crowd of people arrives from a steamboat with a bridge crossing a river in the background. Men and women wear photographic equipment: tripod, bellow and boxes. They are all photographers. Aware of being photographed, men greet the camera with a hat, the others are content to watch the operator (the lens that films) in front of camera . Subject of curiosity, the newly developed Light Cinematograph attracts attention and attention: a man wearing a bellows device even tries to photograph.

Technical sheet

  • Title: The landing of the photography congress in Lyon
  • Other titles:
    • The disembarkation of the delegates in Neuville-sur-Saône
    • The landing of the congressists in Lyon
    • Arrival of the delegates in Neuville-sur-Saône
  • Director: Louis Lumière
  • Production: Société Lumière
  • Photography: Louis Lumière
  • Format: 35 mm with 2 round perforations Light by photogram, black and white, mute
  • Duration: 43 seconds
  • Country: France


Commemorative plate of the shooting on the quai de Saône in Neuville-sur-Saône
  • At the congress of the French photography companies taking place in Lyon , the delegates make a boat trip on the Saône on June 11, 1895, about fifteen kilometers up to Neuville-sur-Saône where Louis Lumière films their landing on the Pasteur wharf. A commemorative plaque still recalls the event.
  • The following day, June 12, 1895 , the film is screened at the end of the session that closes the congress in the salons Monnier ( Place Bellecour in Lyon). The informative content of the film characterizes it as the first “news” of the cinema, the ancestor of the television news.

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