The undressing impossible

Déshabillage impossible is a film directed by Georges Méliès , released in 1900 .


Before going to bed, a man undresses, but new clothes appear as soon as the old ones are removed. In the end, wanting to go despite everything in his bed, it disappears.

Technical sheet


  • Georges Méliès: the client

Analysis of the film

“The rigging is the same as that of Escamotage of a lady at the Robert-Houdin theater. Méliès removes one of the pieces from his coat and hangs it on the coat rack. It stops on the spot … We stop the camera … An assistant comes to put a new hat on his head, or helps him to put on a new jacket, or a new pair of trousers, and he leaves the field. The camera is restarted. Méliès takes off another piece of clothing and throws it away. It stops again, we stop the camera, and so on, dozens of stops are made. After development, we make disappear the traces of stops and restarts of the camera, by cutting and gluing. At the projection, the unfortunate man twirls in all directions, assaulted by new clothes that always appear as if by a miracle, his bed also flies away,1 ! ”

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