Faneurs is a French filmdirected by Louis Lumière , released in 1897 . “Louis Lumière knew instinctively that the most logical and elegant way of filming a moving vehicle, or a galloping horse, or a regiment of proud soldiers marching past, or a team of tedders handling the rake, was to cautiously stand on the side and frame the three-quarter subject, inscribing its displacement in a “vanishing line” 1 , which is called the diagonal of the field .


This animated photographic view , as well as the Lumière brothers named their reels of impressed film, shows a team of farmers returning the freshly mowed grass to dry in part. The operation, tedding , produces hay that is fed to cattle in stabling .

Technical sheet

  • Title: Tedders
  • Director: Louis Lumière
  • Production: Société Lumière
  • Photography: Louis Lumière
  • Format: 35 mm with 2 round perforations Light by photogram, black and white, mute
  • Duration: 40 s
  • Country: France
  • Released: 1897


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