Les Forgerons is a French film directed by Louis Lumière in 1895 .

This “animated photographic view”, as well as the Lumière brothers named their impressed bobineaux, is one of the 10 films shown at the Salon Salon du Grand Café from 28 December 1895 .


This view shows a subject already filmed in 1893 by William Kennedy Dickson to Thomas Edison , Blacksmithing Scene ( forging scenes ). The big difference, characteristic of both production poles, is that Dickson’s stage is played in the studio by two Edison employees, Charles Kayser and John Ott 1 , while the Lumière scene is set in a real forge with real blacksmiths, a master who hammers the iron, and an apprentice who activates the bellows.

Technical sheet

  • Title: The Blacksmiths
  • Director: Louis Lumière
  • Production: Light
  • Photography: Louis Lumière
  • Format: 35 mm with 2 round perforations Light by photogram, black and white, mute
  • Duration: 49 seconds
  • Country: France


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