Let me dream again

Let me dream again ( Let Me Dream Again ) is a British film directed by George Albert Smith , released in 1900 .


Dream disenchanted: An old man is having a good time sitting next to a younger woman. Then the image becomes blurred and the old man wakes up next to his old woman who smudges under the caresses of her husband, addressed to the woman of his dream. The disappointed husband and the scandalized woman turn their backs to sleep again.

Technical sheet

  • Original title: Let Me Dream Again
  • French title: Let me dream again
  • Director: George Albert Smith
  • Production: GAS Films
  • Format: 35 mm, black and white, mute
  • Exit: England 1900


  • Tom Green: The man
  • Laura Bayley: The young woman

Historical contribution

For this film, GA Smith used for the first time in cinema a passage to the blur to connect the two plans illustrating the dream and the reality 1 .

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  1. ↑ Marie-France Briselance and Jean-Claude Morin , Film Grammar , New World,, 588 p. ( ISBN  978-2-84736-458-3 )

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