Goldfish Fishing

The Goldfish Fishing is a French filmdirected by Louis Lumière , released in 1895 .

This animated photographic view , as well as the Lumière brothers named their impressed bobineaux, is one of the ten films shown at the Salon Salon du Grand Caféfrom.


A father supports his baby standing on a table in front of a jar containing goldfish. The baby puts his hand in the water to “play” with the fish. From time to time, visibly delighted, he looks towards the camera.


The man is none other than August Light, and it is his daughter Andree whom he holds by the shoulders. The camera, as for all the first films of the Lumière brothers, is held by Louis Lumière. It is a family film, which corresponds to the market that the two brothers are looking for: the affluent amateurs to whom they want to sell a copy of their Cinematograph, and it is one of the possibilities of their apparatus which they demonstrate by this film and by another subject: The Baby meal , typical of a domestic cinema that has long been used exclusively in affluent circles.

Technical sheet

  • Title: Goldfish Fishing
  • Director: Louis Lumière
  • Production: Société Lumière
  • Photography: Louis Lumière
  • Format: 35 mm double round hole punching Light by photogram, black and white
  • Duration: 43 s
  • Country: France

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