Dream of a fondue fondue

Dream of a fondue fondue ( Dream of a Rarebit Fiend ) is an American film directed by Edwin S. Porter and Wallace McCutcheon , released in 1906 1 .

This is the film adaptation and within seven minutes of the comics of Winsor McCay . The film’s advertisement featured ” special effects never before seen or attempted” 2 .

In 2015, the Library of Congress (Library of Congress) of Washington has selected this film to benefit from a complete restoration, because “of its cultural, historical and aesthetic. » 3


A glutton dressed in a white evening gorges himself in a restaurant with a soup tureen that he swallows with a ladle, accompanied by many beers. Outside, he wobbles and the scenery around him rocks dangerously. He clings to a lamppost that starts to swing like the pendulum of a clock . A policeman helps him to go home and he collapses in his bed. Hallucinated, he believes that his furniture is gone, except the bed. Nightmares disturb her sleep, the room itself seems prone to rolling . Several goblinsundertake to harass sleeping wolverine with a spike on the skull. His bed begins to prance like a crazy horse and ends up flying. He flies over the sleeping city, falls off the bed but his pajamas clings to the weathervane of a building where he turns shouting. The fabric ends up cracking. Wolverine falls from the clouds after crossing the ceiling of his room. He wakes up on the floor, ejected from his bed.

Technical sheet

  • Original title: Dream of a Rarebit Fiend
  • Director: Edwin S. Porter & Wallace McCutcheon
  • Production: Edison Manufacturing Company
  • Country: United States
  • Format: 35 mm , black and white, mute
  • Duration: 6 minutes 30 seconds
  • Release date: 1906


The film is silent, of course, but the band created by Thomas Edison had performed and recorded in 1907, on cylinder phonograph Edison , a piece the title track, “Dream of the Rarebit Fiend” (Catalog Edison o 9585), composed by Thomas W. Thurban and which was probably used to accompany the screenings of the film. The required training was 18 to 20 brass and the piece has been recorded since 1907 4 .


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