Sandow (movie, 1894)

Sandow , also known as The Souvenir Strip of the Edison Kinetoscope and also Sandow, the modern Hercules is an American film directed by William Kennedy Laurie Dickson, released in 1894 .


Eugen Sandow , whose real name is Friedrich Wilhelm Mueller, only wearing a little underpants (a daring outfit at that time) is showing off and stretching his muscles, face, profile, back.

Technical sheet

  • Original title: Sandow
  • Other Titles: Killing Scope of the Edison Strip , Sandow, the modern Hercules
  • Directed by: William Kennedy Laurie Dickson
  • Pictures: William Heise
  • Size: 35mm with Edison perforations, 1.36: 1 – black and white – mute
  • Duration: 1 minute
  • Genre: documentary


  • Eugen Sandow


“Laurie Dickson and William Heise scour Newark’s gyms and bring back a muscled bodybuilder with shiny satin panties, which provocatively and unsettlingly displays the panoply of his muscles in Sandow 1 . ”


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