Part of discarded

Part of apart is one of the first films made by Louis Lumière, released in 1896 .


Sitting at a garden table, two men (the conjurer Félicien Trewey , friend of the Lumière brothers) before a third man, are a part of spread , a deck of cards (32 cards) fashionable in the xix th century. A server eyeing the game, voluble and enthusiastic. He applauds the winner who, against all odds, is not the professional card handler. The three men clink to their friendship.

Card Players , 1890-1892, by Cézanne

Technical sheet

  • Title: Part valedictorian ( Card Game or Game of Cards in Britain . The Messers Cards Light at the USA And spil kort Denmark Ett party deviates Kortspelet or Dismissed Pelia Finland Kártyaparti Hungary Partia kart in Poland, Партия в карты in Russia)
  • Director: Louis Lumière
  • Production: Société Lumière
  • Photography: Louis Lumière
  • Filming location: La Ciotat , home of the Lumière du Clos des Plages
  • Duration: 46 seconds
  • Format: 35 mm 2 rows of 1 round perforation Light by photogram, black and white, mute
  • Country: France
  • Release Date: United Kingdom on February 20, 1896, France on February 23, 1896, Finland in July 1896


  • Antoine Féraud: the server
  • Antoine Lumière (father of Louis and Auguste): a player of cards (on the left)
  • Félicien Trewey (friend, conjurer and agent of the Lumière Brothers in London): a card player (on the right)
  • Alphonse Winckler (friend of Antoine, father-in-law of Louis and Auguste): the spectator (center)


The subject of card players is then fashionable: between 1890 and 1892, Paul Cezanne in particular made a series of tables, The Card Players , who could not not influence Louis Lumiere .

The film of Louis Lumière gives rise to multiple occasions, starting with that – slightly parodic – George Méliès ( A card game , 1896).

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