Association for independent cinema and its diffusion

The Independent Film Association for its broadcast ( ACID ) is an association of filmmakers defending independent cinema . It supports theatrical release of independent films and works for the meeting between these films, their authors and the public.

The strength of ACID’s work lies in its founding idea: support by filmmakers from other filmmakers, French or foreign. Every year, ACID’s filmmakers accompany about thirty feature films, drama and documentaries, in more than 200 independent theaters and at festivals in France and abroad.

In parallel with the promotion of films with room programmers, the printing of additional copies and the editing of accompanying documents, ACID enhances the visibility of these films by organizing debates, reading scripts, concerts, in French cinemas, festivals and partner locations abroad. In order to offer a showcase to young talents, ACID has also been present since 1993 at the Cannes Film Festival with a parallel program of 9 films, most of them without distributors 1 .


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In 1991 , 180 French filmmakers signed a manifesto entitled “Résister” 2 written by Luc Béraud , Claudine Bories, Jean-Pierre Gallepe, Serge Le Péron , Gerard Mordillat and Jean-Pierre Thorn 3for the defense of independent cinema. The text says: “It is therefore for the filmmakers to resist, not to let themselves be imposed a morality that is not theirs: a morality that thinks only in terms of ranking, hierarchy, exclusion , money. Since always in the French cinema the margin and the center are intimately linked, indissociable. To touch one is to reach the other. Henri Langlois had based his moral on the idea that “all films are equal”. There is nothing else that is worth it. It is therefore for the filmmakers to resist. Resist giving all movies a real chance of being seen. ”

In 1992 the publication of the manifesto, the filmmakers signatories decide to create a structure to create a link between them, the distributors, the operators and the spectators, with the aim of helping independent films to reach their public: it will be the ACID, an association of law 1901 . The agency signs an agreement with the CNC in Augustand an agreement with the Regional Development Agency for Cinema, which funds copies to broadcast films in the provinces (four films, one copy per film for ten screens). ACID travels to the regions and contacts operators to organize forecasting projections, bringing in authors, directors and actors. The selected movies are those always come out on less than 40 copies 4 .

The first films supported are the Girlfriend of Antonio of Manuel Poirier and sometimes too much love of Lucas Belvaux . The association participates in the round tables on distribution and exploitation with Association of documentary filmmakers (ADDOC), the French Association of Cinemas of Art and Essay ( AFCAE ), the ARP , the National Group of Cinemas of Research (GNCR), PROCIREP or SACD 5 .

In November 1993 ACID participates for the first time in the Cannes Film Festival, offering seven film screenings. In the following years this number rises to 10. The association also sets up a “chain” of independent rooms in Paristhat host monthly appointments: first to the Republic every Monday (from November 22, 1993 to October 28, 1997 ), then to the Video Library of Paris every other Thursday (from January 15, 1998 to June 25, 1998) then to Espace Saint Michel , the second Monday of each month. Each time a director presents the work of another director, and the screening is preceded by a short film and followed by a debate with the film crew.

Over time, ACID has partnered with over 350 arthouse cinemas 6 that program their films. Each year, it organizes nearly 400 events (meetings, film concerts, workshops …). A “network of spectators” program allows them to support theatrical films. ACID also organizes screenings with festivals, cultural venues or universities in France and around the world.

At its inception the association’s action was focused on small and medium-sized cities, but over time it has expanded to larger cities as access to independent films has worsened.

In 2012 a retrospective of ACID films is organized by the Cinémathèque française 7 .

Active members

(members or former members of the Bureau)

  • Aurélia Georges
  • Frederic Ramade
  • Beatrice Champanier
  • Reza Serkanian
  • Gilles Porte
  • Christophe Cognet
  • Pierre Schoeller
  • Marie Vermillard
  • Eric Guirado
  • Joel Brisse
  • Philippe Fernandez
  • Stéphane Arnoux

Successive Presidents

  • 1997: Jean-Henri Roger
  • 1998 – 1999: Serge Le Péron
  • 2000 – 2001: Yamina Benguigui & Christophe Loizillon
  • 2002 – 2003: Arnaud Dommerc & Marie Vermillard
  • 2004 – 2005: Charles Castella & Marie Vermillard
  • 2006: Pascal Deux
  • 2007 – 2008: Dominique Boccarossa & Pascal Deux
  • 2009 – 2010: Aurélia Georges & Gilles Porte
  • 2011: Gilles Porte & Mariana Otero
  • 2012: Stéphane Arnoux & Mariana Otero
  • 2013: Aurélia Georges & Frédéric Ramade
  • 2014: Emmanuel Gras & Frédéric Ramade
  • 2015: Jean-Baptiste Germain & Emmanuel Gras
  • 2016: Jean-Baptiste Germain & Frédéric Ramade
  • 2017: Fabianny Deschamps & Régis Sauder


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