Diagonal Cinemas

The Diagonal cinema ( Le Diago ) is a cinema in Montpellier , mainly using art and experimental films, but also some foreign films released in the original version with subtitles .


The Diéma Diagonal is devoted to the cinema of art and test and to the diffusion of the foreign films in original version. For this purpose, a room was exploited at La Paillade , a popular and troubled area of ​​Montpellier.

When announcing the opening of a Gaumont multiplex cinema in Odysseum , in the east of Montpellier, Diagonal was one of the opponents of this project supported by the Montpellier city council. However, Diagonal stopped its action following an offer from Gaumont. This company gave to Diagonal one of these two complexes of the city center, the Capitol (6 rooms). The Gaumont Comedy and Multiplexe not broadcasting films in original version, Diagonal accepted the offer to broadcast more movies over longer operating periods. The broadcast of mainstream films ( The Lord of the Rings , Spider-Man for example) in original version would attract a new audience.

In the early 2000s, the independent room Le Royal and the Gaumont cinemas decided to compete with Diagonal by broadcasting some films in original version, including the most promising films (Pedro Almodovar, Ken Loach …). It should be noted that the Gaumont cinemas belong to Pathé, which is itself a distributor of mainstream films and authors.

In April 2006, the company Diagonal SARL (which included the rooms of the Center, Campus and Celleneuve) was put in receivership with a deficit of 350,000 euros. The company Transversal SARL which manages the Diagonal Capitole was not concerned by this judicial reorganization.

On May 2, 2007, the company Diagonal SARL is put into bankruptcy: the Diagonal Center and the Diagonal Celleneuve close while the Diagonal Campus is taken over by Utopiacinemas . In this last place, a big renovation is undertaken for an official opening in September. The spirit of alternative and independent programming is preserved. The limited company created ( Utopia Diagonal Campus ) will have the vocation to transform into SCOP so that the team can fully invest in the structure.


Diagonal currently operates a six-room cinema, the Capitole, sold by Gaumont in 1998. It is located in Montpellier, at 5 rue de Verdun, between Place de la Comédie and Saint-Roch station .

Diagonal had to close five cinemas: in Montpellier, in the neighborhoods of La Paillade and Celleneuve, and in the Place St Denis; at Sète  ; in Paris , the Europa Cinema because of management problems.

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