Spearmen of space graves

Looters of space graves is the translation of the English game Grave Robbers From Outer Space , a board game created in 1991 by Stephen Tassie . It is edited by Z-Man Games and distributed by The Seventh Circle . It’s a humorous game where everyone makes a Z-series movie and must protect it from other players’ sabotage attempts.

The title of the game is the name originally intended for Ed Wood’s Plan 9 from Outer Space , which has been dubbed “the worst film of all time”.

Cannibal Pygmies of the damned jungle is another game from the same publisher using the same system of rules that can be used as a supplement to the Raiders graves … .

General Principle

The various elements of the film have a number of defenses that constitute the strength of this film, the goal being to have the film with the most points.

Card types

There are five types of cards:

  • The Characters . These are the heroes of a movie.
  • The decorations . Where a film takes place.
  • The accessories , which combines a character or a creature.
  • The creatures , which can attack the characters.
  • The Special Effects , the only cards that can be played at any time.

Each card has a word down in the minds of movie series Z. The cards characters , decors , accessories and creatures have a number indicating their ability to attack or defense.

Course of the game

Before the first round

A player draws six cards and unveils them to all to constitute a title of movie of series Z starting from the words appearing at the bottom of the cards.

Each player then draws six cards, and poses all the characters he has. If a player does not have a character in hand, he returns his game and repioche six new cards until at least one character .

The part

Each turn, each player draws to build a six card hand. Then he can:

  • Drop a decor or change an existing decor for any movie.
  • Add characters to his movie.
  • Add or move props to existing characters .
  • Attack characters from other movies with his creatures or special effects .
  • Discard.

Attack a movie

A player can attack a character in the movie of one of his opponents with a creature . If this creature’s attack points are equal to or greater than the opposing movie’s defense (which includes the characters , their props , and the setand any bonuses), the attack succeeds and the character is removed from the game. movie.

The special effects are used to attack or defend a movie at any time.


The game ends when the card sends the credits are played or when the pile of draws is over. At this point, all players count their score by cumulating the defenses of the film off bonus. They then add five points per card posed in their film or present in their hand where a word of the title appears at the beginning of the game.

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