Seven Little Fortunes

The Seven Little Fortunes ( Chinese  : 七 小 福 Cat Siu Fok ), or The Lucky Seven , sometimes translated into French by the phrases Seven Little Fortunes or Seven Little Prodigies , is a group of martial artists, students in the 1960s of China Drama Academy of the Chinese Theater Academy ( Peking Opera School ) in Hong Kong .

The students were aged 7 to 8, traveling and participating in shows in which they displayed their acrobatic and artistic talents. They were also sent by the school to participate in film shoots. The troupe consisted of 7 to 14 children, but only 7 appeared at the same time at each performance.

Some members of the Seven Little Fortunes have become Hong Kong action movie stars, including Jackie Chan , Sammo Hung , Yuen Biao , Corey Yuen and Yuen Wah .

The following students were members of the Seven Little Fortunes , their stage name is given after their birth name. All the students who studied at the opera under the tutelage of Yu Jim Yuen , they adopted the name of their sifu “Yuen” as their surname:

  • Yuen Lung (元 龍) / Yuen Chu, known as Sammo Hung (1952-)
  • Yuen Lou (元 樓) / Yuen Lo, known as Jackie Chan (1954-)
  • Yuen Biao (元彪) (1957-)
  • Yuen Kwei (元奎), known as Corey Yuen (1951-)
  • Yuen Wah (元 華) (1950-)
  • Yuen Tak (元 德) / Yuen Tai, (1956-)
  • Yuen Mo (元 武) / Yuen Miu / Wu Yuen (19 ?? -)

Other students of Yu Jim Yuen

  • Yuen Qiu (元 秋) (1950-)
  • Yuen Choi (元 蔡) aka Ng Ming Choi / Wu Ming-Tsai
  • Yuen Bo (元寶)
  • Meng Yuen Man (孟元文)
  • Yuen Fai (元 煇)
  • Yuen Bin (元彬)
  • Wu Yuen Chun (吳元俊)
  • Yuen Chu (元 菊)

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