Chroma is a broadcast Web cultural and humorous directed the movie , posted on the website Dailymotion since. Created by video artists Karim Debbache, Gilles Stella and Jérémy Morvan, it is produced and produced by NESblog, a collective of videographers of which they are part.

Start of the project

The team of three directors Karim Debbache, Gilles Stella and Jérémy Morvan first produced the program Crossed on the website for over a year, totaling 28 episodes 1 , 2 .

The They announced their return with a chronic speaking of cinema, hence the name Chroma , contraction of the words chro nic and drive my 3 . To help their project to emerge, they seek financial support from the host videos French Dailymotion , as well as that of the fans via the platform crowdfunding Ulule for a sum of 20,000 euros . This sum is reached in 55 minutes 4 , 5 and at the end of the campaign, the, the project is funded at 1030% with a sum of 206 006 euros 3 .


Character Interpreter Description of the character
Karim Debbache Himself Chroma presenter Karim is a film buff who tries to answer the question “What is a movie?” in his show. Although he generally criticizes films that he deems bad, he tackles the theme of alternative interpretations several times, especially in episodes 4 and 8, and confronts his point of view with that of his colleagues.Because of Nicknames, he does not know some great movies and directors, which does not affect Kamel. It can be differentiated from Kamel to his sweatshirt . His favorite film in normal times (as well as Kamel’s) is Les Affranchis , but he began to hate it because of the influence of the pseudonyms.
Kamel Debbiche Karim Debbache Kamel is Karim’s equivalent of a parallel universe , where he presents the same show with the equivalents of the same colleagues. He does not always agree with Karim despite their almost identical personalities. Unlike Karim, Kamel is not affected by Nicknames.He presents the episodes 3 and 10 in his universe and is found in the world of Karim from the 4th, which he presents with him. He intervenes regularly in the following episodes and presents 9 and 11 instead of Karim. The series establishes that he and Karim are two different people, which seems to contradict Crossed .
Gilles Stella Himself Cameraman of the show, he loves dinosaurs, music and painting, although he is not very talented in the latter area.Because of the Nicknames, he no longer knew Jurassic Park in contrast to his appearances in Crossed , and stated in episode 5 that his favorite dinosaur movie was Carnosaur , but the memory of Jurassic Park finally returns to him in episode 12, proving as well as the effects of pseudonyms are reversible.
Jérémy Morvan Himself Sound engineer of the show and collector of pins , he is quite eccentric, we see in episode 1 to make kung fu in Santa costume …Infected by a pseudonym at the end of episode 1, he leaves the show in episode 6 and is replaced by Jérémy Morvain in the following ones. Morvain discovers his secret in episode 5, but manages to escape him before being infected. Morvan returns at the end of episode 12 and is killed by Morvain a moment after Karim offered him the last missing pin in his collection.
Gilles Stello Gilles Stella Equivalent of Gilles in the world of Kamel, he appears in episodes 3 and 10 and does not come with Kamel, the Regisseur and Morvain in the world of Karim.We see in episode 10 that he loves Steven Spielberg, just like Stella in Crossed , and is as much a music lover as the latter.
Jérémy Morvain Jérémy Morvan Equivalent of Jeremy in the world of Kamel, he comes into the world of Karim with Kamel and the Regisseur and replaces Morvan after episode 6. Morvan is as eccentric as Morvan, we see for example eating and sleeping simultaneously in the world. episode 12.He discovers in episode 5 that Morvan is infected by pseudonyms and manages to escape before Morvan infects him. We see in episode 10 that Kamel enjoys his jokes, while Karim is exasperated by those of Morvan in his universe. Morvain kills Morvan at the end of episode 12, as he says in episode 6 having a ” BEP sale small pet option”, which Jeremy Morvan of Crossed also claims in episode 4 of this latest series it may be assumed that Morvan de Crossed is actually Morvan who took the identity of the real Morvan after killing him.
Arturo Charles Blengino Friend of Karim who seems to know a lot about parallel universes.He appears briefly in episode 1 in Karim’s universe, then at the end of episode 3 in Kamel’s. It is apparently him who takes Kamel, Morvain and the Regisseur into the world of Karim.
The Farfelu Mustache Ruler Gilles Stella Director of the show in the world of Kamel, he comes with him and Morvain in the world of Karim. He does not seem to have any equivalent in the world of Karim, unlike Kamel, Stello and Morvain.He discovers in episode 5 that Morvain was locked by Morvan, pursues the latter but is also infected by pseudonyms. Karim discovers the truth in episode 8 by hurting him by accident, but he runs away.
Pseudonyms These strange creatures of the Karim universe have infected Morvan and the Regisseur and have as plan to make disappear the good films of existence (which makes that Karim and Gilles Stella do not remember any more) to replace them by bad.We can recognize humans infected by their yellow blood, which would consist of urine according to Morvan.
Archimed Kebab Karim Debbache Character mentioned in episodes 9, 10 and 11 and who is described as a great man by Kamel. He does not appear in person but has left behind riddles that will lead Kamel to a mysterious reel that can undo the actions of Pseudonyms. His name is an anagram of Karim Debbache.Episode 12 reveals that he once had Chromatograph , a kind of spiritual ancestor of Chroma . It is understood that kebabs are his invention and bear his name.

Episodes list

The first season of the show was initially to be composed of 10 episodes, before moving to 12 following the success of the fundraising campaign. A pilot had already been shot before the campaign, but was not broadcast, the team preferring to return it completely, which gave episode 1. Karim mentioned that the pilot could be revealed to the public after the end of the first season 6 .

Chroma is not only a cultural show, it has a script and its episodes form a narrative arc. Karim and Kamel apparently meet for the first time in episode 4 7 , so Chroma probably takes place before Crossed .

Some episodes take place in the dimension of Karim and others in that of Kamel, and the presenter is not always the same. We notice that some colors of the show (lighting of the board, background of the logo …) change according to the presenter, and that the logo of the episode 4 is two-colored since Karim and Kamel present it together 8 .

Season 1

Episode Release date # 1 Movie Discussed subjects Conclusion Notes
1 January 11, 2016 Troll 2 No real themes. This episode installs the bases of the show by posing the problematic opposite. No conclusion, the problem of the show is put instead:”What is a bad / good movie? What is a movie? “
2 February 9, 2016 Rollerball John McTiernan’s career , the Anthony Pellicanoaffair and the political side of films, especially the importance of editing , using Sergei Eisenstein’sfilms as an example . “All figurative films are political at two different levels. “
3 March 16, 2016 Highlander, the return The importance of color and respect for diegesis .Definition of Alan Smithee . “A fiction film has a diegesis. “ The episode is presented by Kamel Debbiche and is not in the same universe as the first two.
4 April 20, 2016 signs The career of Mr. Night Shyamalan , the look and the different interpretations that the viewer can have. Definition of the Chekhov rifle . “Movies are screens. And we are the spotlight. “ Karim and Kamel present the episode together and come to different conclusions.
5 June 8, 2016 Paranormal Activity The found footage and why the cinema is an art, defining the specificity of the medium and the importance of the clip . “A good movie is a film that uses the tools specific to the medium of the moving image. “
6 July 23, 2016 Mac and me The plagiarism by comparing the film with AND , and product placement abuse and its impact on the film that contains (message and distorted sense …). “The meaning of a film should not be distorted by pecuniary considerations. “ Jérémy Morvan leaves the show at the end of the episode and is replaced by Jérémy Morvain.The character of Charles de Crossed makes an appearance, again as a censor.
7 September 14, 2016 Vidocq The beginnings of digital cinema , its strengths compared to film (especially taking the film Zodiacas an example) and the balance between the aesthetics of the film and its impact. “It’s not because a film is unpleasant to watch that it’s missed. “
8 October 27, 2016 Trap in Hong Kong The Hong Kong cinema , career Tsui Hark and the relationship between viewer tastes and personality. “The movies we love tell us about who we are. “
9 December 9, 2016 Sweet night, bloody night The slasher , his inspirations like giallo , his symbolism (especially taking the Halloween movieas an example) and the problem of imitations . “In the cinema, it is very difficult to differentiate between what is descriptive and what is prescriptive. “ The episode is presented by Kamel instead of Karim. It takes place in the world of Karim, who intervenes several times in the episode.
10 Gremlins Joe Dante and his career, references in films and the impact of different collaborators in the process of creating and producing a cinematographic work. “Cinema is a collective art. “ The episode is presented by Kamel in his universe and is a flashback narrated by Morvain. This episode takes place before episode 3, and is the first of the equivalent of Chroma in the Kamel universe. It begins with an alternative version of the introduction to episode 1. The StrangeCrossed Crime Character makes an appearance.
11 The freedmen Martin Scorsese and his career, the glorification of gangsters in movies, the rule of 30 degrees , the elements common to all films and how each film contributes to their meaning. “All the movies are linked. “ The episode is presented by Kamel in the world of Karim. The posters of the set of the show disappear during the episode because of the pseudonyms. The episode is in memory of Michael Ballhaus .
12 Carnosaur Roger Corman , the production of low budget genre cinema against Hollywood blockbusters , the story of the invention of cinema and the impossibility of giving him a date of birth.The conclusion of the season is that good movies can not exist without bad ones and vice versa. “Cinema is never born. “ The posters on the show’s board reappear throughout the episode. The episode begins with a short review of The Grandma’s Loupe by Archimed Kebab in his Chromatograph chronicle , describing the short film as the first historically to use the editing and scaling scheme rules to tell a story .

Notes and references


  1. ↑ People who participated in crowdfunding up to 30 euros or more have access to the episodes two days before their public release. This list takes into account the public broadcast of the episodes.

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