Crossed is a cultural and humorous program about the cinema and the video games diffused by the site of the as well as on the YouTube and Dailymotion platforms . Created by video artists Karim Debbache, Gilles Stella and Jérémy Morvan, it is produced and produced by the Nesblog, a group of video artists they are part of.

The show ended after 28 episodes. Karim Debbache, Gilles Stella and Jérémy Morvan later, in, makes their return with Chroma , another show dedicated to the cinema, made possible by the fans who financed it 1 .


Crossed is a bi-monthly chronicle whose episodes last 10 to 15 minutes. Each episode is devoted to a movie related to the video game, which can be an adaptation or a movie using the video game as part of its scenario. The name of the show refers to the intersection of the themes of cinema and video games in the chronicle.

The show is composed of excerpts of commented films, skits and interventions by Karim and other characters. During an episode, Karim makes a quick summary of the film examined using the excerpts, then makes a critique of the film. He also often defines film terms, presents actors or directors, and may recommend certain films to viewers.

The show’s set looks like a living room whose walls are covered with movie posters. Karim sometimes hides in his videos humorous texts that are readable only by pausing at the right time.

Recurring characters

Character Interpreter Description of the character
Karim Debbache Karim Debbache Presenter of the show, Karim is a film buff and a video game lover. He often speaks very quickly and likes to make puns, or quote replicas of movies. He loves Jurassic Park and often likes to compare the release date of a film with that of the latter.
Kamel Debbiche Karim Debbache Double Karim played by the same actor, Kamel serves as co-presenter, and often represents the audience. The fact that he and Karim are one and the same person is a source of recurring gags of the show.
Gilles Stella Gilles Stella Karim’s friend, he takes care of the sound, loves music and is a big fan of Jurassic Park . He always intervenes with great enthusiasm, and never misses an opportunity to refer to his favorite movie.
Jérémy Morvan Jérémy Morvan Friend of Karim, he is quite eccentric and often serves as a comic element to the show.
The Strange Recurrent Police Character Gilles Stella An unnamed and perfectly impassive policeman who often appears when Karim mentions police in a video, he mostly says, “Your papers, please. “
Professor Sédétruk Jérémy Morvan Scientist who sometimes appears to tell anecdotes about certain films to the audience.
Charles Charles Blengino Karim’s friend, speaking little and always having a cup in his hand, Charles is a specialist in censorship and Karim sometimes calls on him in case of shocking scenes in a film.
Hugo Jouxtel Hugo Jouxtel Friend of Karim, he takes care of the image and likes to explain techniques with humor to the spectators.

Other videographers make appearances in certain episodes, for example Usul and Dorian Chandelier appear in episode 6, and Antoine Daniel in episode 13.

Episodes list

The show has 28 episodes.

Episode Broadcasting date Movie Notes
1 February 6, 2013 Super Mario Bros. Pilot Episode, installs the basics of the show. Karim makes a negative review of the film mainly because of his lack of loyalty to the game and explains why the universe of Super Mario Bros. makes sense for a video game but not for a movie, making the adaptation disappointing.
2 February 20, 2013 Gamer Parody of The Fourth Dimension . Karim makes a negative criticism of the film, criticizing the use of the video game as a simple selling point, the lack of originality of the film, computer graphics and the choice of actors. Karim has fun signing the episode under the pseudonym Superman Rockfeller.
3 March 6, 2013 silent Hill Karim made a mixed criticism of the film, finding it very well done and faithful to the game, but criticizing its narration and the violence of certain scenes. He recommends Silent Hill viewers to watch Jacob’s Ladder , which inspired the games a lot.
4 March 20, 2013 The King of Kong The criticism is interspersed with fake making-of paying homage to The Office . Karim makes a very positive review of the documentary, finding that it brings out the characters’ humanity perfectly and avoids giving a negative image to video game players. He took the opportunity to present Billy Mitchell  (in) , and made some comments about the golden age of arcade video games .
5 April 3, 2013 House of the Dead Karim makes a very negative review of the film, finding it both very poorly written, very poorly done and very badly played, but he nevertheless recommends it to the spectators who would like to work in the cinema, affirming that one can learn a lot from a missed movie, and explaining the difference between turnip and nanar .
6 April 17, 2013 Starfighter The episode begins with a definition of New Hollywood , and how it ended after the first blockbusters . Karim is a mild critic of the film, considering it a precursor in terms of using computer-generated images, although he admits that they have aged badly. He finds that apart from that, the film is hardly original and resumes the narrative scheme of blockbusters like Star Wars , giving Karim an opportunity to define the theory of monomythe .
7 st May 2013 Max Payne Karim makes a negative review of the film, finding it sanitized, and claiming that it totally fails to transcribe the aesthetics of the game. The episode ends with a song listing many movies that Karim recommends rather than Max Payne .
8 May 15, 2013 Stay Alive Karim makes a negative criticism of the film, finding that the protagonists are insulting stereotypes of players, that the plot of the film is incoherent and that the staging is confused. He also criticizes the film for not being scary and limited to jump scare , and takes the opportunity to comment on the codes of horror cinema .
9 May 29, 2013 Future Cops The film is actually an unofficial adaptation of Street Fighter 2 . Karim made a negative review of the film, finding it ridiculous and criticizing his unrelated storyline, the film being more of aslapstick comedy than a martial arts movie. However, just like House of the Dead , he considers the film as a nanar and thinks that Street Fighter fans should watch this movie.
10 June 19, 2013 Alone in the Dark Karim begins the episode by introducing Uwe Boll , who had already directed House of the Dead . Karim makes a very negative criticism of the film, claiming that it is one of the worst he has seen in his life: he finds the story incomprehensible, the film is still so bad and the film is completely incoherent with the game. the episode by defining the rule of 180 degrees , a basic rule of the cinema, to demonstrate that making a good movie is possible by following rules, which Alone in the Dark fails.
11 July 3, 2013 Wargames Karim makes a very positive review of the film, finding him ahead of his time in the anti-war message and the growing importance of the computer he wants to pass on, and hailing the performance of Matthew Broderick and his character avoiding the cliché of the asocial player. He takes the opportunity to talk about the fear of a nuclear war in the 1980s and define thebalance of terror .
12 July 17, 2013 Double Dragon Karim makes a negative review of the film, finding the characters unbearable, the realization bad and the story completely meaningless. He recommends to people who liked the Double Dragon games to watch The Warriors of the Night , a film that inspired them.
13 July 31, 2013 Doom Karim episode begins by defining the money shot  (in) a very expensive plan of a film often used for promotion. Karim makes a negative review of the film, but says it is one of the least bad adaptations of video games. He finds it poorly filmed and staged and takes the opportunity to define the short focal length , but recognizes that the film could have been a film of correctaction if the scenario was better worked.
14 August 14, 2013 Street Fighter Karim makes a very negative criticism of the film, criticizing it for its lack of originality, the large number of characters most useless to the plot, and the mediocre achievement. He says that the fact that the film is intended for a young audience is not an excuse, and that a film for children is not necessarily a film capitalizing on a fashion. He recommends to fans of fighting games to watch Bloodsport , which he considers to be much closer to the spirit of the Street Fighter series .
15 September 4, 2013 eXistenZ Karim begins the episode by presenting David Cronenberg , a director he appreciates a lot. Karim makes a very positive review of the film, praising the actors, the very daring aesthetic choices, the complexity of the script and the many ways to interpret it. Rather than recommending this film to the audience, he defines the authors’ policy and recommends, in the name of the latter, all of Cronenberg’s filmography .
16 September 18, 2013 Postal For his third film directed by Uwe Boll , Karim again makes a very negative review of the film. He criticizes the film for having an agreed-on scenario that has already been seen in many films, but to contain a lot of vulgarity and gratuitous violence for the sole purpose of selling it as a subversive film , a title he accuses him of having no law.
17 October 2, 2013 The test-subject Karim begins the episode by defining virtual reality and bringing it closer to concepts such as the allegory of the cave . Karim made a positive review of the film, enjoying the inspiration of classic horror movies rather than contemporaries, and the significant use of the still experimental computer image at the time. He finds however that the special effects have aged badly, that their use is not always justified, and that the virtual reality is not really transposed on the screen.
18 October 16, 2013 Final Fantasy: The Creatures of the Spirit Karim made a positive review of the film, noting however the archetypal characters and the unoriginal plot but grateful that the film was way ahead of its time in terms of animation, defining the disturbing valley and the capture of movement . While admitting that the film has almost nothing to do with the Final Fantasy series , he notes that the world of these games is simply not possible to adapt in a feature film, and that the games of the series themselves have very little in common with each other. He appreciates the fact that the film almost does not try to refer to games, unlike many other adaptations.
19 November 13, 2013 Mortal Kombat: Final Destruction After a quick summary of the first installment , Karim makes a very negative review of the film. He criticizes the special effects, the fact that almost all the actors of the first film have been replaced, the large number of characters, the absence of violence typical of the series Mortal Kombat and the scenario virtually nonexistent, which is only a pretext for incessant fighting. He finds, however, that the film is so bad that it is amusing, and recommends it to nano lovers.
20 November 27, 2013 brainscan After a presentation by John Flynn , his mentor Robert Wise and Edward Furlong , Karim makes a negative review of the film. Although he thinks it is well done, he finds the central character very unpleasant and feels no empathy for him, and considers the scenario very incoherent, breaking the agreed suspension of disbelief and takes the opportunity to define it.
21 11 December 2013 resident Evil Karim begins the episode by introducing one of his favorite directors Paul Thomas Anderson , in fact a gag, the film is actually directed by Paul WS Anderson . Karim makes a negative review of the film, finding it very poorly done and played and criticizing the special effects, the sound and the lack of originality of the screenplay. He criticizes the fact that the film is too badly filmed to be scary, and therefore fails to reproduce the spirit of the game In a logic of running gag , Karim ends the episode by confusing the director with Wes Anderson .
22 December 25, 2013 DOA: Dead or Alive After a presentation by Takashi Miike , director of another film called Dead or Alive , and Corey Yuen , Karim makes a negative review of the film. He finds it poorly filmed, making the action confusing, criticizing the screenplay, the computer graphics and an excessive number of scenes with the female characters of the film, although he recognizes that this last point is also practiced by the game. He wishes the end of the episode a merry Christmas to the audience.
23 January 22, 2014 Ultimate Game After a quick positive critique of Hyper Tension , another film by the same directors, Karim makes a negative review of the film. He finds it very vulgar and violent, and filmed in a way that, according to him, goes against the messages he wants to pass, and criticizes the scenario, including the fact that some characters disappear without explanation. He ends the episode by recommending Hyper Tension to viewers, finding it closer to what a video-inspired movie should look like.
24 February 5, 2014 Hitman After a presentation by Xavier Gens , Karim made a negative critique of the film, criticizing the final montage, which was poorly adapted to the director’s vision, and took the opportunity to comment on the condition of filmmakers in the United States. He also finds that the character of 47 is poorly written, filmed and played, which prevents him from empathizing with him and also prevents him from being frightening, so he is devoid of personality and humanity. .
25 March 4, 2014 Voltage Karim makes a mixed criticism of the film, appreciating the significant use of computer-generated images and the aesthetics of the resulting film, but criticizes the unjustified title change of the French version – the film is entitled Ra.One for Random Access – Version 1.0 in VO -, the length of the film, the unbearable character of Prateek, the many similarities with Terminator 2 .He also finds that the video games shown in the movie do not look like real video games but the vision that would be made someone not knowing them.
26 March 19, 2014 The Wizard Karim begins the episode with a definition of product placement . Karim made a mixed criticism of the film, mainly because of the omnipresence of the film, and the resemblance of the film’s script to that of Rain Man . However, he appreciates Fred Savage , as well as the narration and the scenery of the film, and thinks that the film can be watched.
27 April 2, 2014 Tron Karim makes a very positive review of the film, he describes it as revolutionary in terms of animation, finding that he has aged well and bringing his aesthetic closer to abstract art , and mentioning in passing Vassily Kandinsky and his book Spiritual in art . He also appreciates the many possible interpretations of the screenplay and the endearing characters.
28 April 16, 2014 Scott Pilgrim For the last episode of Crossed , Karim defines the happy end and gives a positive review of the film after presenting Edgar Wright . He appreciates the actors, the humor and the many nods to video games, defining the deus ex machina , and says that the film is a step forward in the way video games are treated. He points out that young gamers of the past are nowadays adults and perform various jobs as filmmakers, authors or graphic designers and now treat the video game with kindness. At the end of the episode, Karim and his team thank their audience.

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