Alberini & Santoni

Alberini & Santoni (full name: Primo Stabilmento Italiano di Manufattura Cinematografica Alberini e Santoni ) is an Italian film housespecializing in the production and distribution of films that was active during the mute period.

The manufacture

The Alberini & Santoni was born in Rome in 1905 at the initiative of Filoteo Alberini and Dante Santoni. As its name suggests, it was the first Italian film manufacturing establishment, already established since 1904 without yet constituting a legal person. Alberini & Santoni was equipped with a theater stage, equipment and laboratories for film development, printing and editing 1 .

The company realized what is considered the “first film” (in the sense of a cinematic artistic creation) of the history of Italian cinema: The Taking of Rome (September 20, 1870) ( La prisa di Roma (September 20, 1970 )), directed by Alberini himself, and performed by Ubaldo Maria Del Colle and Carlo Rosaspina . Other significant productions of the company were the documentary about the earthquake in Calabria ( Il terremoto in Calabria ) and the film Il romanzo di Pierrot , directed and performed by Mario Caserini in duet with Fernanda Negri Pouget (1906).

Altogether Alberini & Santoni produced 15 films. Thesociety was transformed, its capital was increased and it became Cines society .


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