Castle of Isenghien

The Château d’Isenghien is a building located in Lomme which now serves as a facade to a multiplex cinema of the Kinépolis channel . It is the 3rd largest cinema in the world with 7286 seats and the largest cinema in Europe


Around 1600 according to the image that is given by the Album of Croÿ ; Mitterie view image with in the foreground the path of the church, the castle is surrounded by two water ditches with a wall and an interior dungeon with five turrets. The cadastre of the time of the consulate and the one of 1820 always raise the ditches and the access to the church by a right road The drève current Street of the Dréve. The church is near the metro mouth Bourg (metro Lille Métropole) .


XV th – xviii th  century

House Gand-Vilain

The origins of the castle date back to the xv th  century with a castle and a tower built in 1545 on what was referred to as a 1496 manuscript of the “Lomme mansion ‘owned Mary CUINGHIEN (Mary Coyeghem) (-27 / 04/1538) 1 wife of Adrien de Gand-Vilain councilor and chamberlain of Maximilian II , archduke of Austria 2 , 3 , 4 in first wedding and of Philippe de Herzelles whom she married under contract on 27 January 1497 4 .

Marie de Cuinghien was buried at the church of Lomme under a superb mausoleum: four columns, three feet high, support a blue stone five feet long, and two and a half feet wide, on which the effigy la dame in white stone. Above one reads ” an epitaph: see online [2]  [ archive ] 5 .

Maximilian Vilain of Ghent is Baron de Rasseghem or Rassenghien; Frank lord of Saint Jean Steen , lord of Calckene , Sailly , Lichtervelde , Wetteren , Isenghien and Hem , sovereign bailiff of the cities of Aalst and Grammont . Governor of French Flanders , Captain General of the towns and castellanies of Lille , Orchies , and Douai . The seigniory of Isenghien in Flanders was erected in his favor by letter of King Philip IIfrom May 19, 1582, a little before the death of this lord at Tournai in 1583. He was the son of Adrien of Ghent ; vice admiral of Flanders; in 1532 and of Marguerite de Stavele , lady of Isenghien, Haveskercke and Estaires and grandson of Marie de Cuinghien 6 , 7 , 8 . There will be eleven children whose th Maximilian Ghent Vilain said to be bishop of Tournai died at 74 years 27 novembre1644.

Lomme was sacked in 1581 by the garrison of Menin which seizes the castle on August 15 where it is washed off the next morning by the lord of Lomme 5 .

Jean de Gassion

In 1646 , while his ally, the Republic of the United Provinces threatened to take Antwerp to the Spaniards, forcing them to discover their Western front, France won some brilliant success in Flanders , along the Lys .

On September 12, 1646, Marshal Jean de Gassion seizes the castle in the name of King Louis XIV of France 9 .

The family of Isenghien installed for nearly two centuries in the castle is now attached to France and abandons the building for Versailles .

Castle Historiaries

Jean de Gassion was Marshal of France at age 34, served Louis XIII and Louis XIV and died of an injury during the siege of Lens .

Tallemant des Réaux (1619-1692) tells in his Historiettes that Jean de Gassion (1609-1647) was a man born to love .

Some quotes:

“The Prince at Dijon, after raising the siege, looked only at Gassion. There was a lawyer who threw himself on his knees before him, and said to him, pointing to ladies among whom was his wife, that there was not one who would not have a little Gassion in his body to to serve the King and the fatherland … for he never had less man born to love ”

“I have more joy than you fucked me if I was given one hundred thousand pounds . ”

“He was one of the wicked courtiers of his age. At the court, many girls who would have liked him, cajoled him and said to him: “Really, sir, you have made me the most beautiful things in the world . ”

But also to those who pressed him to marry he replied: “I do not love life enough to share it with someone” 10

Louis of Ghent of Merode de Montmorency

In 1746 Montmorency de Merode Louis Ghent partially demolish the castle and is only one wing serving as a hunting lodge and a farm 5 . Louis Ghent Montmorency de Merode married in third and final wedding April 16, 1720, Margaret Camille Grimaldi of Monaco, instituted universal heir of Anthony Grimaldi Prince of Monaco 11 .

French Revolution

After being requisitioned as national property during the French Revolution , but abandoned, the farm was destroyed in 1840. In 1850, the land was bought by a bourgeois of Lille, Alexandre Tripier who built inside the moat a country house that still retains the name of Château d’Isenghien .

xx th  century

During the First World War , the building was damaged and rebuilt in part after the war.

Etienne Chicken

Étienne Poulet , born June 10, 1890 at the castle of Isenghien in Lomme although his parents live in Lille and died September 9, 1960 in Paris , he is a French pioneer of aviation . From 1913, he is noticed by the national press, when he flies “upside down” , which only two pilots have already practiced, according to Le Figaro 12 , 13 .

After several attempts – April 8, 1914, he flies 12 hours in a row, between Etampes and Gidy 14 – he beats the world record of duration in non-stop flight , in 16 hours 28 minutes and 56 seconds ( 936.8 km ) April 26, 1914. He also holds the “record height with two and three passengers” 15 . His exploits will make him a recipient of the Legion of Honor .

After the First World War , he tried to connect Paris to Melbourne , Australia, aboard a Caudron G.4 , “rotary engines Le Rhône” 16 . He took off from the capital in October 1919, accompanied by his mechanic and friend Jean Benoist. His journey, for which he competes with other aviators, is publicized 17 , 18 , 19 , 20 , 21 . On December 17, the newspaper La Croix reports that the pilot’s aircraft, stationed in Yangon , is “very tired” 22. Étienne Poulet fails shortly after due to mechanical problems. While flying over Burma ( Siam 23 ), a vulture hit the propeller of his aircraft and the breeze, reports Le Figaro , December 19, 24 , 25 .


The Château d’Isenghien, private property, is bought by the municipality of Lomme to make it a leisure park. Mondayis inaugurated Lillom Park , it will close permanently in 1987. Lillom or Lomme Park was a theme park . It was one of the first theme parks in France. Lillom’s subject was the story of humanity from prehistory to the future. The park was organized around a small lake, in four main zones:

  • the prehistoric zone
  • the medieval city
  • the Belle Époque area
  • the world of the future

Kinépolis Lomme – The castle of the cinema

The castle is part of a film complex project called “Castle of the cinema” which sees opening in 1996 a multiplex Kinepolis , the castle serving as a showcase at the entrance. The cinema complex Kinépolis Lomme , with its 7286 seats, is the largest film complex in France in terms of number of seats (exceeded in 2014 by UGC Ciné Cité Les Halles in number of rooms: 23 against 27).

Regional Circus Arts Center

The Regional Circus Arts Center of Lomme is located in the Urban Park of the Château d’Isenghien.

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