Exiles: from Hitler to Hollywood

Exiles: From Hitler to Hollywood ( Cinema’s Exiles: From Hitler to Hollywood ) is an American documentary by Karen Thomas dating from 2006 .


This documentary, mixing archival documents, film extracts and interviews, traces the course of personalities of German cinema who, at the arrival of Adolf Hitler in power in 1933, chose, more or less forced, to exile themselves in Hollywood . We discover how men and women of German-language cinema ( Fritz Lang , Ernst Lubitsch , Peter Lorre , Marlene Dietrich , Billy Wilder among others) had to adapt to the Hollywood system and find a place in American cinema. They contributed greatly to the creation of the film noir and brought new blood to the genre of comedy.


  • Marlène Dietrich and Ernst Lubitsch have set up a reception system for their fellow refugees.
  • We discover in this documentary that the cast of Casablanca by Michael Curtiz appears a plethora of actors and actresses from the world of the German-speaking show, which in their time had been stars.
  • Not only did this exile affect filmmakers and actors, but also composers, notably Franz Waxman , and film technicians.

Technical sheet

  • French title: Exils: from Hitler to Hollywood
  • Original title: Cinema’s Exiles: From Hitler to Hollywood
  • Director: Karen Thomas
  • French adaptation: Sylvie Blum and Françoise Besnier
  • Narration: Jean-Claude Dauphin
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Languages: English , German
  • Genre: Documentary
  • Duration: 80 minutes
  • Release dates: 2006

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