Filmographic Dictionary of World Literature

The Filmographic Dictionary of World Literature is a three-volume encyclopedic repertory established in 1971 by Johan Daisne . This publication links the films and literary works they adapt.

It lists the titles of films, the original title of the book, the country and the year of production, the names of directors, actors and photographers.

The book is out of print.


  • Johan Daisne, Filmographic Dictionary of World Literature / Filmographic Dictionary of World Literature / Filmographics Lexikon der Weltliteratur / Filmografisch lexicon der wereldliteratuur . [Ghent], Editions E. Story-Scienta: t. 1 (AK), 1971, 684 p., Illus. ; t. II (LZ), 1975, 824 p., Illus. ; supplement (AZ), 1978, 640 p., illus.

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