Fert is an Italian film house , founded in Turin in the aftermath of the First World War , specializing in the production and distribution of films.


The studio Fert was founded by the film producer Enrico Fiori in 1919 and was active until the 1970s . FERT is for “Fiori Enrico Roma Torino”. This acronym is identical to the motto of the House of Savoy, ”  FERT  “, whose rulers ruled for a long time on a ”  kingdom of Sardinia  ” whose capital was Turin .

He directed about 180 films mainly during the pioneering film era, focusing on quality rather than quantity. During World War II he had to bow to the demands of the fascist regime , and then was confined to the segment B series .

In order to preserve the historical memory of the Fert a homonymous association was created under the direction of Alberto Friedemann. The Fert establishments were reconstituted in 2002 in their former headquarters in Turin under the name Virtual Reality & Multimedia Park .

The Fert has hosted many Italian and international actors including Emilio Ghione , Italia Almirante Manzini , Maria Mercader and Pauline Polaire .


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