The sheets of the cinema

Les Fiches du Cinéma is a cinema magazine, created in 1934, dealing with all the film releases of the month. It is aimed at both professionals and art lovers. Each year, this association of moviegoers publishes the annual Cinematography , a real encyclopedia of the past film year.

An association

Historically linked to Christian Media , Les Fiches du Cinéma has been established as an independent 1901 law association since 2003.

The purpose of Les Fiches du cinéma is to systematically identify, present and analyze all the films that come out in France, regardless of their budget, nationality, genre and quality. Each film is the subject of a complete sheet (technical sheet, full summary, commentary). Completeness is the singularity and richness of the Fiches du cinéma .

The review relies on a team of volunteer editors. This team is composed of personalities of all generations, from different cultural and professional backgrounds (academics, professors, journalists, entertainment professionals, students). The analysis of each film reflects a collective reflection. It takes into account the contrasting reactions of this heterogeneous drafting committee. It is less a matter for them to make an absolute judgment about a film, to be controversial than to provide elements of reflection that will allow the reader to form his own opinion.

Source of information

Created in 1934, the Fiches du cinéma’s editorial collection today covers more than 35,000 films, making it the most complete source of information devoted to cinema in France.

The Fiches du Cinéma and L’Annuel du Cinéma are a working tool for the BiFi (Film Library), the CNC , the Cinémathèque Française and several press agencies.

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