Léonce Perret cinematographer

Léonce Perret cinematographist is a book by Daniel Taillé published in March 2006 ( ISBN  2952612803 ) .

This documentary traces the career of Léonce Perret , an author filmmaker until 1935 , date of his death. This book is a biography and an almost exhaustive list of more than 400 films played, produced or produced by the filmmaker. Moreover this book is the fruit of a historical research work since it is the first complete work about Léonce Perret .

The different parts of Leonce Perret’s life are detailed: his childhood, his beginnings in the theater, his work at La Gaumont , his period in the United States , his years of great success as a producer, his affair with his wife Valentine Perret, etc. This book contains a preface by author, director and producer Jacques Richard .

Cut Daniel has published a century of cinematic spectacle in Deux-Sèvres (2000), The Saga of Clouzot and cinema – 1 st time (2007) and The Olympia Palace: 100 years of Niort show (2009).

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