Kinema Record

Kinema Record ( Kin ネ マ · レ コ ー ド , Kinema rekōdo ? ) Is a Japanese film magazine published in the 1910s.


Kinema Record plays an important role in the movement of pure cinema . In 1914 , while no serious cinema reviews are yet available in Japan, Norimasa Kaeriyama , Yoshiyuki Shigeno and other film-interested students form the  Japan Film Association  and begin publishing the amateur magazine Film Record in october 1 .

They change the name to that of Kinema Record in December 1 . The monthly contains a series of articles, film reviews and tips on the making and selling of films, but it comes mainly to represent calls for the reform of a Japanese cinema considered too theatrical and non-cinematographic. The magazine ceased publication in 1917, 1 but its reformist spirit continued to be represented by other magazines such as Katsudō no sekai and Kinema Junpō .

A complete reissue of the available issues is published in 1999 by Kokusho Kankōkai 2 .

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