Sea dismounted in Dover

Sea Dismounted in Dover ( Rough Sea at Dover ) is a British film directed by Birt Acres and Robert W. Paul , filmed in 1895, released in 1896 .


A strong sea launches powerful blades to the assault of the dyke of Dover. The film, intended to be viewed individually on the counterfeit kinetoscopes , is certainly recorded between 30 and 40 frames per second , which, subsequently with projection devices that turn at the time to 16 frames per second , gives a rendering impressive, due to slow motion 1 .

Technical sheet

  • Original title: Rough Sea at Dover
  • French title: Sea dismounted in Dover
  • Director: Birt Acres and Robert W. Paul
  • Country of origin: United Kingdom 
  • Format: 35 mm , black and white, mute
  • Duration: 39 s
  • Release date: 1896

Notes and references

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