Motion Picture Patents Company

The Motion Picture Patents Company ( MPPC , also known as Edison Trust ) was an American film trust created in 1908 , bringing together many American producers: Edison , Biograph , Vitagraph , Essanay , Lubin , Selig , Kalem , and two French producers located in the United States. States: Pathé Brothers and Star Film . It was directed by Thomas Edison and Jeremiah Kennedy (the representative of the company Biograph) and was nicknamed the trust . He had a monopoly on the sale of dandruff (thanks to George Eastman ) and collected a two-dollar-a-week fee from the cinema operators for the use of the patented projector. Because in 1909, the trust monopolized almost all of American film production 1 .

People begin to rebel with Carl Laemmle (future founder of Universal ) in mind . Legend has it that the California film studios were set up in Hollywood due to the producers’ concern to escape the MPPC representatives as private detectives paid by Edison could land on the sets in the studios to check that the cameramen were shooting. with film of Eastman 2 .

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