Olympia Palace

The Olympia-Palace was the main auditorium of the city of Niort in the department of Deux-Sèvres in France for 1 century, from 1885 to 1986.


Originally a farm-inn called Hôtel du Grand-Cerf, then became an equestrian merry-go-round circa 1880, this historic Niort concert hall, called the Manège Theater when it opened to the public during the 1884-1885 season (ie more than 120 years ago), became the Olympia in September 1931 and Olympia-Palace in the spring of 1934. The cultural activity of Niort was punctuated by a very eclectic programming (plays, concerts, operas, ballets, one-man-show, cinema …) of this theater become mythical over time; artistic evenings sponsored by Harmony or Symphonic Concerts, Galas des Etoiles organized by the Para-club at the happy times of Hi Les Copains , or the famous Charles Baret Tours).

Several works have been done on the history of this theater including:

  • The Olympia-Palace: 100 Years of Niortais Show is a book by Daniel Taillé published in October 2009 ( ISBN  2-9526128-2-X ) . This book is the fruit of a research work, both historical and documentary. It highlights the great diversity and richness of the shows produced in this place with the help of many photographs (including artists), poster reproductions.
  • Remember the Olympia-Palace , a documentary (21 min) by Daniel Taillé , directed by Philippe Rabillat and Daniel Mar, bringing together a 360 ° panoramic view of the hall, the testimonies of the actor Jean Pommier of Niort and Michel Faucher, former host at Radio Niort, evoking their “Olympia years”.
  • Niort Actualités (27 min), a re-archive of film news filmed between 1922 and 1930 by Fernand Caillas, then co-director of the Cinema du Manège; will thus march in front of his camera, festive events (Festivities of the Queens, rugby match at Espinassou, air meetings in Souché …) or commercial (fair-exhibition, 1st air link Niort-Le Bourget, output factories Boinot …), personalities ( Roland Toutain , stuntman and future film actor, Lieutenant Vasselot de Régné, aviation aces Maurice Finat and Max Knipping ), the visit of the President of the Republic Édouard Herriot in May 1930.

See also


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