The Parvo is a camera 35 mm very popular in the first half of the xx th  century .

In 1898 André Debrie founded Etablissements André Debrie at 111 rue Saint Maur in Paris . In 1913 it was the birth of the camera film Parvo . The Parvo was the most used 35 mm camera in the world, and it was built in 3 models: the Parvo L for the studio with a focus on frosted glass, and the Parvo E and K for individuals and trips, the Parvo E does not have the possibility to make crossfades. To these 3 models could be added a 24 volt electric motor powered by batteries. The Parvo L model was very popular in the era of silent cinemaand was used by the great directors of the early xx th  century as Abel Gance , Leni Riefenstahl , Sergei Eisenstein , Edward Woven 1 .

In 1921 released the Super Parvo , a studio camera more sophisticated and motorized.

Notes and references

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