Pasquali Movie

Pasquali Film (full name: Pasquali & C. sas ) is an Italian film house specializing in the production and distribution of films that was active during the mute period .


The Pasquali Film was founded in 1908 in Turin by the journalist and theater critic Ernesto Maria Pasquali , who was already a collaborator in the Ambrosio Film , in association with his friend pharmacist Giuseppe Tempo. It bore the name Pasquali & Tempo and was renamed the st  July 1910 Pasquali & C. sas or abbreviated Pasquali Film .

During its first two to three years of existence, the company produced short films , mostly made by Pasquali, which were historical films. In 1909 , the Pasquali Film turned its first successes as Ettore Fieramosca (who was rehabilitated in 1915 ), Cirano de Bergerac , Capitan Fracassa and Teodora Imperatrice di Bisanzio .

From the 1910s, the production of the Pasquali shifted to more modern subjects. She launched the production of comic films, first with Emile Vardannes (role of Toto) then from 1912 with Ferdinand Guillaume (role of Polidor ). Between 1911 and 1914 , she directed the films of the hit crime series Raffles Directed and Performed by Ubaldo Maria Del Colle .

With the outbreak of the First World War , the Pasquali experienced for the first time a decline in production. Nevertheless, she acquired a scene with artificial lighting. The modernizations undertaken did not allow the company to face the increasing competition, in particular from the other side of the Atlantic.

With the death of its founder Ernesto Maria Pasquali in 1919 , the house was integrated into the consortium Unione Cinematografica Italiana (UCI) which brought together the main Italian film companies.

Main directors

  • Renzo Chiosso
  • Ubaldo Maria Del Colle
  • Umberto Paradisi
  • Ernesto Maria Pasquali


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