Prehistory of cinema

Prehistory of cinema is the title of a 1959 documentary film by Émile Degelin fromBelgium.


Several countries claim the invention of the cinematograph. Belgium does not have this claim. Some Belgians, however, have played a fairly important role in what is known as the prehistory of cinema. This 18-minute film does not claim to be a complete and technical story of the invention of cinema. It attempts to situate the work accomplished by some Belgians as Désiré van Monckhoven , Baeckelandt, Gevaert, Robertson (pseudonym of Étienne-Gaspard Robert ), Joseph Plateau , in the main stages of an evolution which is briefly sketched from its origins to nowadays, from the first moving object to the silent movie, sound movie, black and white film , color, widescreen and cinemascope. Electronic music accompanies the different stages of Belgian cinema .


  • This film receives the Documentary Film Excellence Award at the Antwerp Film Festival in 1960 .

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