Princess Ali (movie, 1895)

Princess Ali ( Princess Ali ), sometimes named Princess Ali of Cairo , is an American film directed by William Kennedy Laurie Dickson , released in 1895 .

Synopsis or Argument

On the shelf of the first film studio , built by Thomas Edison in Orange, in New Jersey , Laurie Dickson, the first director of movies , records with Kinetograph a short performance of ”  belly dancer  ” Princess Ali, Member of the troupe of Barnum & Bailey Circus , accompanied by a bendir drummer and a Zorna blower in traditional Berber clothes (Amazigh).

Technical sheet

  • Original title: Princess Ali
  • French title: Princesse Ali
  • Other French title: Princess Ali of Cairo
  • Directed by: William Kennedy Laurie Dickson
  • Production: Edison Manufacturing Company
  • Duration: 36 seconds
  • Format: 35 mm , black and white, mute
  • Country: United States
  • Release date: 1895


  • The dancer: “Princess Ali”

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