The Saga of Clouzot and cinema

The Saga of Clouzot and cinema – st time is a book published in March 2008, written by Daniel Cut .

If film buffs have kept in memory the names of Henri-Georges Clouzot , director of the Raven , Quai des Orfèvres , Salary of fear or The Truth , become movie classics, most of them do not know that Henri and Étienne Clouzot, respectively art critic and archivist-paleographer, both of whom are uncles of the famous filmmaker, have also marked, in a distinct yet essential and creative form, the early stages of film history.

Passionate about cinema as early as 1920, Étienne Clouzot ( Niort 1881-Geneva 1944) became a chronicler in the Journal de Genève , writing – from January 1921 to November 1924 – short weekly cinematographic notes but full of observations. He is also responsible for one of the very first lectures on cinema and its decor .
Henri Clouzot (Niort 1865 – Paris 1941) discovered the cinematograph in Royan in August 1896, also publishing an enthusiastic first article on the discovery of the Lumière brothers . Quickly conquered by the new art he wanted to defend at the beginning of the twenties, he first wished to preserve his “memory” with the creation of a “cinematheque”. He became an activist film buff in the association of Friends of Cinema and Ciné-Club de France.
After having organized the first major exhibition on cinema presented in 1924 at the Musée Galliera, he published – from 1926 to 1932 and for L’Opinion – thirty or so relevant writings on cinematographic life and avant-garde cinema.
Falling into oblivion, Étienne Clouzot’s cinematographic chronicles and his brother Henri’s writings on cinema are now gathered in this volume and teach us about the unusual but daring exercise that these two scholars practiced. with passion to legitimize cinema in the world of Arts.
As for Claire Clouzot , Henri Clouzot’s granddaughter, after walking in the footsteps of her grandfather, holding the pen and pleading at the microphone, she became a filmmaker; then, missioned to the Cannes Film Festival , it now applies to defend the “cinema that reflects the real”.

Daniel Taillé, Les Clouzot and cinema … a common story, fruitful and captivating since 1896 ( ISBN  2-9526128-1-1 ) .

Daniel Taillé has already published A century of cinematic show in Deux-Sèvres (2000), Léonce Perret cinematographist (2006) ( ISBN  2952612803 ) and L’Olympia-Palace: 100 years of spectacle niortais (2009) ( ISBN  2-9526128-2 -X ) .

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