Atmosphere! Atmosphere! Do I have a mouth of atmosphere?

“Atmosphere! Atmosphere! Do I have a mouth of atmosphere? “ Is a famous replica called by Arletty in the film Hôtel du Nord from Marcel Carne released in 1938. This replica is permanently implanted in popular culture, thanks to the special intonation, emblematic of Parisian banter , given by actress to this sentence.


The dialogue, written by Henri Jeanson , takes place between Raymonde ( Arletty , a prostitute) and Edmond ( Louis Jouvet his protector ). They are on a lock that spans the Canal Saint-Martin , not far from the Hotel du Nord that we see. Edmond wants to go fishing in La Varenne and complains Raymonde he finds too sticky , she wants him to go with her to Toulon .

Mr. Edmond: I need to change the atmosphere, and my atmosphere is you.

Ms. Raymonde : This is the first time I have been treated to atmosphere! If I’m an atmosphere, you’re a funny bled! The guys who come out of the middle without being and who skull because of what they were we should empty them! Atmosphere! Atmosphere! Do I have a mouth of atmosphere? Since that’s it, go alone to La Varenne! Good fishing and good atmosphere!


Arletty pronounces one of the most famous replicas of French cinema. However, as noted by Jacques Lourcelles , this replica less emphasizes the strength of the dialogues of the film than the genius of Arletty who, from a replica that could have been quite heavy, managed to create an unforgettable trait become the symbol of Parisian banter 1 .


  • In 1995, Jacques Perrin and Yves Deschamps feature this famous passage, the nineteenth in the order of appearance, in their documentary compiling extracts from films of French cinema, produced on the occasion of one hundred years of cinema, and entitled The Children of Light .
  • In 2015, Philippe Pouchain , Yves Riou , Jean-Luc Seigle and Arnaud Sélignac feature this famous passage in the historic TV movie Arletty, a guilty passion .


  • Bernard Chardère , The cult dialogues of French cinema , Larousse , 2004 , ( ISBN  9782035054623 ) – 100 films cited.

Notes and references

  1. ↑ The Words Arletty collected by Claudine Brecourt-Villars, Fanval Editions, Paris, 1988 ( ISBN  2869282028 ) , quote Arletty the letter A on page 19: “The word seems out of a hat conjurer. It’s the same in all languages. I can not say it anymore or hear it. Besides, he does not belong to me anymore. It belongs to the public and I know that in the mouth of many strangers, it is the pledge of their friendship. When I reread a little later Eugene Dabit ‘s novel whose film is shot, I saw that this word was not mentioned once. It was a pure invention of Jeanson . A poet’s find. “

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