Lulu la Nantes

Lulu la Nantaise is the name of a fictional character who became a cult when he is mentioned only by his name in two sentences dialogues written by Michel Audiard in the kitchen scene of the film Les Tontons flingueurs by Georges Lautner ( 1963).

The name of this character enjoys a lively popularity in the French public, to the point that we can consider it as a ” meme “. Indeed, over time, the considerable and lasting success of the film, and especially that of this scene with cult replicas , have made the name of “Lulu la Nantaise” extremely popular to the point that it has been taken over for many different creations : title of a satirical literary prize 1 , 2 , a children’s clothing brand 3 , graphic designers’ studios, advertising agencies, restaurants, bistros, tea rooms ( Montauban , Biarritz …), a satirical newspaper from Nantes La Lettre à Lulu, and, of course, blog titles, web nicknames, etc.

A place is named Tontons Flingueurs in Montauban in Tarn-et-Garonne, this time referring to the phrase of Lino Ventura “we should never leave Montauban” . A renowned brewery in town is also known as Lulu-la-Nantaise.

The most famous Lulu la Nantaise , and actually located in Nantes , are currently a bistro-restaurant located near the site of the Machines of the island of Nantes , and a professional and recognized quartet of jazz-rock musicians specialized in reworkings and reinterpretations of bands. original films in concert-shows referring to cinema scenes from the 1970s to the present day 4 .

The writer Francis Mizio , who performs with the group Lulu La Nantaise , reports that he seized at his request the character he wrote a novella and his biography from elements of films, facts historical records, of correspondences of dates and of coincidences with reality so as to give it a literary existence with a strong effect of reality: “The exact and veracious true and verifiable story of the true and unique Lulu La Nantaise” 5 , 6 , 7 . This text published with the second album of the group constitutes a literary curiosity in the sense that the character lived in the popular culture whereas it had never been composed.

A real person and not fiction?

The Nantes music group Lulu la Nantaise claims that the latter is none other than Ludovine Lucas, Nantaise who worked on the sidewalk of the quay of the pit in Nantes from 1928 to 1947, before moving away not far from Saigonbetween 1948 and 1963 8 . 9

More prosaically, it seems that the name of Lulu only evokes the famous factories LU biscuits that are still today inseparable from the history of the city of Nantes.


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