You have beautiful eyes, you know.

“You have beautiful eyes, you know” is a famousreplicaaddressed byJean GabintoMichèle Morganin the film The Quai des Mist ofMarcel Carné,released in 1938.


The dialogue, written by Jacques Prévert , takes place between Jean ( Jean Gabin , a military deserter) and Nelly ( Michèle Morgan , the girl under guardianship).

Jean: “You have beautiful eyes, you know. ”
Nelly: ” Kiss me. ( He kisses her )
Jean: “Nelly! ”
Nelly: ” Kiss me again 1 . “


The replica does not appear in Pierre Mac Orlan’s eponymous book , and Jacques Prévert was inspired by the clear eyes of Michèle Morgan to add this dialogue, whereas he had planned something else at the beginning.

Indeed, “on the occasion of the auction of the original manuscript of Quai des Mist , in June 2010, we learn that in the first draft of the scenario, Jean Gabin pronounced a sentence much less romantic:” A little more late … in a small tavern temporarily planted for the feast Jean and Nelly finish dinner. […] Nelly goes to the dog … she bends down and gives him food … / The gesture she makes raises a little dress … and Jean looks at his legs … / she comes back to him … / Jean. You have pretty legs you know … / Nelly. I’m happy if you please … kiss me … / They kiss each other ” 2 . ”

Curiously, this sentence is quickly associated with the actress more than with Gabin who pronounces it.


  • The title of Michèle Morgan’s memoirs, published in 1977 and titled With those eyes , refers directly to this reply. “We can not imagine that this sentence would be a legend,” said Michele Morgan in 1997. It also states that it is only since the 1960s that this replica is worship through television rebroadcast the film which regularly 3 .
  • In 1999, his companion Gérard Oury , elected at the Académie des Beaux-Arts the year before, asked the engraver and sculptor Pierre-Yves Trémois to engrave this same sentence on his sword of Academician 4 .
  • In the French version [Laquelle?] Of the cartoon Dumbo , made in 1941, but released in France only in 1947 because of the Second World War, the young elephant, with the eyes of an intense blue, hears his mother tell him: “You have beautiful eyes, you know. Too bad your ears hide them! “
  • In 1978, in the thirteenth album of Iznogud’s adventures entitled I Want to be Caliph instead of the Caliph , Iznogoud visits Dilat Larath a wax museum where there is a “hall of the past and future killers”, killers he is You can give life by saying, “You have beautiful eyes, you know. “
  • In 1984, during his concert at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées , Léo Ferré performed a song called T’as d’beaux yeux, you know? , a song that has never been recorded in a studio.
  • In 1986, you have beautiful eyes, you know! is the title given to the thirteenth album of the adventures of Robin Dubois , an eponymous character from the humorous cartoon series created by Turk and Bob de Groot at the Lombard editions .
  • In 1995, Jacques Perrin and Yves Deschamps feature this famous passage, the eighteenth in the order of appearance, in their documentary compiling extracts from French cinema, produced on the occasion of one hundred years of cinema, and entitled The Children of Light .
  • In 1999, at the time of the release of the first edition of the book Les Dialogues cults of French cinema , published by Larousse, it is a photo of the couple Gabin / Morgan in the scene where this famous replica which illustrates the cover of the book of Bernard Chardère .
  • In 2002, in the French version of the animated film The Age of Ice , Sid, the lazy , stuck on the face of Manny, the mammoth , said: “You have beautiful eyes, you know. “
  • In 2003, then in 2010, the Belgian Pierre Seron publishes two volumes of the series of comics called T’as beautiful eyes, you know.

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