You talkin ‘to me?

” You talkin ‘to me?  “ , Usually translated into French by”  C’est à moi, what are you talking about?  “Is a famous line uttered by Robert De Niro in the movie Taxi Driver by Martin Scorsese released in 1976.

The replica has permanently implanted in popular culture and is ranked 10 th in the ranking of the hundred most famous lines of American cinema ( AFI’s 100 Years … 100 Movie Quotes ). She contributed a lot to the popularity of Robert De Niro.


Robert De Niro, playing the character of taxi driver Travis Bickle, looks in a mirror and declaims in a somewhat ridiculous way the following sentence:

” You’re talking to me ? You’re talking to me ? You’re talking to me ? If not, who the hell are you talking to? You’re talking to me ? You’re talking to me ? You know, I’m the only one here. Who the hell do you think you’re talking to? trad 1 »

It was Robert de Niro who improvised this sequence in the film according to an “acting” exercise by his drama teacher Stella Adler . It would be inspired to this replica of Bruce Springsteen , he saw in 1975 during a concert at the Roxy in Los Angeles , turning back to the cheering crowd with a ” You talkin ‘to me?  » 1 .


  • The replica has been repeated many times in comic skits ( José Garcia and Jean Dujardin among the French-speaking examples).
  • The scene has been repeated in several films in a more or less parodic way ( Back to the Future 3 ), or in episodes of animated series ( South Park , The Simpsons ).
  • Vincent Cassel in La Haine replay this scene in French, and Marco Leonardi declaims it in Spanish in Une nuit en enfer 3
  • We can see a reference in The Lion King of Walt Disney Pictures . After being called “pig” by Banzai, Pumbaa gets angry and asks him three times: “Are you talking to me? “.
  • In the anime Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom , Cal Devens interprets this replica with a weapon in his hand and, when Reiji asks what she says, she quotes De Niro, nevertheless the replica is said in Japanese , at least for the original version.
  • It was also included in the show Nowhere by Jose Garcia and his parody of De Niro before Ray Liotta .
  • In episode 23 of Nerdz season 2 , Régis-Robert, who is making a film for his “cousin-woman”, repeats this phrase twice in front of a mirror.
  • In episode 2 of Mafiosa’s Season 3, The Clan, Nader reenacts this scene.
  • The comedian Kyan Khojandi devoted a skit to this replica during the 17 th episode of his show Le Festival de Kyan sur France 4 2
  • Lars von Trier plays the stage in his film Epidemic . [ref. necessary]
  • In the episode Arnold the Lawyer (season 1 episode 17) of the series Hey Arnold, the latter trains to intimidate his attacker by replaying this scene.

Notes and references

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