Blacksmith Scene

Blacksmith Scene (also known as the Blacksmith Scene # 1 and Blacksmithing Scene ) is a silent film American of less than a minute, directed by William Kennedy Dickson in1893 .

This film (the English word film is used for the first time in the modern sense by Thomas Edison), shot with the Kinetographe , the first camera in the history of cinema, is one of the first films publicly presented thanks to the Kinétoscope , machine individual viewing by eyecup. In 1995 , he was added to the US National Film Registry’s list of official repairs and preservation of historically important films by the Library of Congress in Washington .


Three blacksmiths strike a few hammers on a piece of iron, then drink a beer directly from the neck of the bottle and resume their work.

Technical sheet

  • Original title: Blacksmith Scene
  • Other title: Blacksmith Scene (literal translation)
  • Director: William KL Dickson
  • Production Company: Edison Studios
  • Format: 35mm film with 2 sets of 4 rectangular Edison perforations per frame at 1.33: 1 ratio, black and white , mute
  • Genre: Docu-fiction
  • Release date: May 9, 1893


  • Charles Kayser
  • John Ott

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