Bucking Broncho (movie, 1894)

Bucking Broncho is an American film directed by William Kennedy Laurie Dickson , released in 1894 . Bucking means: making leaps of sheep. Mexicans call Broncho the untamed horses.

This film is one of the first shots with the first vertical kinetic film camera, the kinetograph , 35 mm wide, two pairs of four perforations per frame 1 , designed by Dickson and William Heise from Thomas’s sketches Edison and prototype in which the film of 19 mm wide horizontal linear scrolling, six perforations at the bottom of the frame, with circular images, 12 mm in diameter, last souvenir of optical toys .


Exceptionally, the film was not shot in the first film studio , the Black Maria , but in a corral surrounded by a public field of Edison Laboratories in West Orange ( NJ ) 2 , 3 . The rider, Lee Martin, rides the broncho , while Frank Hammitt, perched on the gates, fires to excite the animal. Lee Martin finds himself quickly in the dust.

Technical sheet

  • Title: Bucking Broncho
  • Director: WKL Dickson
  • Production Company : Edison Manufacturing Company
  • Distribution Company: Raff & Gammon
  • Photography: William Heise
  • Format: 35 mm double set of 4 rectangular perforations Edison by frame, black and white, silent
  • Country of origin: United States
  • Genre: Western , Rodeo
  • Duration: 19 seconds (the original movie lasted about 30 seconds)
  • Release dates: United States :
  • License: Public Domain


This is the first appearance of the Wild West in the cinema.

We notice that the rider falls out of field . In fact, the kinetograph , the first camera in the history of working cinema , did not have a viewfinder , as well as all the first cinema cameras of the beginning. Aiming was done before shooting , directly through the print window, before loading the roll of film. During the shooting, the operator could no longer control the limits of the frame , and in this case the involuntary field output by the abrupt ejection of the jumper.

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