Blacksmith Scene

Blacksmith Scene (also known as the Blacksmith Scene # 1 and Blacksmithing Scene ) is a silent film American of less than a minute, directed by William Kennedy Dickson in1893 .

This film (the English word film is used for the first time in the modern sense by Thomas Edison), shot with the Kinetographe , the first camera in the history of cinema, is one of the first films publicly presented thanks to the Kinétoscope , machine individual viewing by eyecup. In 1995 , he was added to the US National Film Registry’s list of official repairs and preservation of historically important films by the Library of Congress in Washington .

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Barber Shop

Barber Shop is an American film directed by William Kennedy Laurie Dickson , released in 1894.

This film is a first shot with the first camera cinema vertical linear scrolling, Kinetograph , size 35 mm wide, with two pairs of four perforations per frame , designed by Dickson from sketches Edison and the first model that unrolled the film 19 mm wide, six perforations at the bottom of the frame, scrolling horizontally.

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