Grandma’s Loupe

Magnifier Grandma ( Grandma’s Reading Glass ), also entitled The Granny reading glasses , is a British film directed by George Albert Smith in 1900 .

In this film, George Albert Smith uses for the first time in the cinema the technical division in several planes to describe the same action, including a succession of close-ups , which are, another important discovery, the first subjective shots of the history of cinema .

George Albert Smith is part of the Brighton School, which forms the basis of much of the language of film.

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Let me dream again

Let me dream again ( Let Me Dream Again ) is a British film directed by George Albert Smith , released in 1900 .


Dream disenchanted: An old man is having a good time sitting next to a younger woman. Then the image becomes blurred and the old man wakes up next to his old woman who smudges under the caresses of her husband, addressed to the woman of his dream. The disappointed husband and the scandalized woman turn their backs to sleep again.

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What we see in a telescope

What we see in a telescope is a British film by George Albert Smith , made in 1900 .

In this movie, George Albert Smith makes the first attempt to use a close-up inside a larger shot (half-way shot) to explain what a voyeur spies. A process of shooting and editing that he takes again the same year in a fundamental film of the history of the language of the cinema: The magnifying glass of grandma .

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