The devil’s mansion

The Manor of the Devil is a short French fantasy film, written and directed in 1896 by Georges Méliès .


The scene is in a castle. A giant bat arrives and turns into Mephistopheles. This one shows a big cauldron and a hunchback monster. From this cauldron, he brings up a woman and all kinds of demonic creatures. Then Mephistopheles intends to come and make everything disappear, including him. Two men (probably explorers) arrive in the room and begin to talk. The hunchbacked monster appears, holding a fork. He is invisible to them and plays tricks on them. One of the men gets scared and runs away. The other tries to sit, but his seat moves to the other side of the room. He tries again, and again, in vain, and this time, a skeleton appears on the seat. The man strikes him with his sword, the skeleton turns into a bat. He grabs himself but she becomes …

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Man with a rubber head

The Man with the rubber head is a French film directed by Georges Méliès , released in 1901 .


In a laboratory, a man in a white coat sets a cut-off head on a table that looks like his own like two drops of water. Connecting it to a rubber hose, itself connected to a bellows, in a few strokes, it inflates and deflate. He calls his assistant to handle the inflatable head; it makes it swell so much that in the end it explodes.

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Retracting a lady at the Robert-Houdin theater

Retreating a lady at the Robert-Houdin theater , made in 1896 by Georges Méliès , is the first film in the history of French cinema using special effects . This film is a transposition of the most famous illusion buatier de kolta called The Vanishing Lady ( La Femme evanescent ), the most imitated scene feat in the years 1880 1 . It was shot in the very premises of the Robert-Houdin theater, owned by Méliès.

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