The exit of the Lumière factory in Lyon

The Exit of the Lumière factory in Lyon is a French film directed by Louis Lumière , released in 1895 , which exists in at least three recognized versions, and is one of the 10 films shown at the Salon du Grand Café from.

This book, described not without humor by the film historian Georges Sadoul, as “almost a publicity tape ” 1 has long been considered – and still is – by film historians as having been the first film . Also, the commemoration of the Centenary of the Cinema was organized in France in March 1995 . This dating can be found as much in the Larousse Encyclopedia as in the writings of Michel Faucheux 2 , or in the monumental work of the American historian Charles Musser 3 . But other historians give priority to the year 1891, date of the appearance of the first films produced by Thomas Edison , made by his electrical engineer William Kennedy Laurie Dickson . Georges Sadoul notes that “Dickson’s tapes are, strictly speaking, the first films” 4 , and Laurent Mannoni, chief curator of the Cinémathèque française , states that “between 1891 and 1895, Edison made some sixty- ten films » 5 , while Marie-France Briselance and Jean-Claude Morin do not hesitate to describe the primacy of La Sortie as a chauvinistic lie in most of the film’s stories and recall that the heart of cinema and any audiovisual work is what Edison first named a movie . These authors nonetheless highlight the historical importance of this Exit from the Lumière factory and the fundamental aesthetic contribution of Louis Lumière in the process of creating “animated photographic views” , the word that the Lumière brothers use to designate their impressed reels 6 .

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The Place des Cordeliers in Lyon

The Place des Cordeliers in Lyon is a French filmdirected by Louis Lumière , released in 1895 . This “animated photographic view”, as well as Louis Lumiere’s impressed film reels, is one of the 10 films shown at the Salon du Grand Café from.


The famous Place des Cordeliers in Lyon , its cars, pedestrians.

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Part of discarded

Part of apart is one of the first films made by Louis Lumière, released in 1896 .


Sitting at a garden table, two men (the conjurer Félicien Trewey , friend of the Lumière brothers) before a third man, are a part of spread , a deck of cards (32 cards) fashionable in the xix th century. A server eyeing the game, voluble and enthusiastic. He applauds the winner who, against all odds, is not the professional card handler. The three men clink to their friendship.

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Faneurs is a French filmdirected by Louis Lumière , released in 1897 . “Louis Lumière knew instinctively that the most logical and elegant way of filming a moving vehicle, or a galloping horse, or a regiment of proud soldiers marching past, or a team of tedders handling the rake, was to cautiously stand on the side and frame the three-quarter subject, inscribing its displacement in a “vanishing line” 1 , which is called the diagonal of the field .

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The landing of the photography congress in Lyon

The landing of the congress of photography in Lyon is a French filmdirected by Louis Lumière on June 11, 1895 in Neuville-sur-Saone , during the debarkation of the delegates, released in 1895 . This “animated photographic view”, as well as the Lumière brothers named their bobineaux, is one of the 10 films shown at the Salon Salon du Grand Café from.

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Sprinkler watered

The sprinkler watered 1 , initially entitled The Gardener and the little mischievous then Sprinkler and watered , is a film directed by Louis Lumière . It is shown for the first time on September 21, 1895 , in La Ciotat , during a private screening, and then put on the screen paid screenings organized by the Lumière brothers in Paris in the Salon Indian Grand Cafe Boulevard des Capucines, from December 28, 1895 , first historical projection of animated photographic films.

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Arrival of a train in La Ciotat station

The arrival of a train at La Ciotat station , or The Arrival of a train at La Ciotat , is aFrench film directed by Louis Lumière in 1895 , released in.

Contrary to popular belief, the film is not in the program of the 10 films composing the projection of , in the Indian Salon of the Grand Café , Place de l’Opéra in Paris 1 . On the other hand, it has often been said that the first viewers to see the film were frightened by the arrival of the train on the screen and even fled the room, but this claim is now considered part of the true myth that represents this film.

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