Sandow (movie, 1894)

Sandow , also known as The Souvenir Strip of the Edison Kinetoscope and also Sandow, the modern Hercules is an American film directed by William Kennedy Laurie Dickson, released in 1894 .


Eugen Sandow , whose real name is Friedrich Wilhelm Mueller, only wearing a little underpants (a daring outfit at that time) is showing off and stretching his muscles, face, profile, back.

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Princess Ali (movie, 1895)

Princess Ali ( Princess Ali ), sometimes named Princess Ali of Cairo , is an American film directed by William Kennedy Laurie Dickson , released in 1895 .

Synopsis or Argument

On the shelf of the first film studio , built by Thomas Edison in Orange, in New Jersey , Laurie Dickson, the first director of movies , records with Kinetograph a short performance of ” belly dancer ” Princess Ali, Member of the troupe of Barnum & Bailey Circus , accompanied by a bendir drummer and a Zorna blower in traditional Berberclothes (Amazigh).

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The Sneeze of Fred Ott

The Sneezing Fred Ott ( Edison Kinetoscopic Record of a Sneeze or Fred Ott’s Sneeze ) is a film American directed in 1894 by William KL Dickson , with Fred Ott .

Produced by the Edison Manufacturing Company (also named in 1890: Studios Edison ), under the direction of William KL Dickson , the first director in history and one of the great pioneers of cinema , the film was shot in inside the Black Maria at Orange in New Jersey , who was the first movie studio to be built.

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Carmencita (movie)

Carmencita is an American film , directed by William Kennedy Laurie Dickson, released in 1894.


The dancer Carmencita , twirling, performs traditional fandango figures .

Technical sheet

    • Original title: Carmencita
    • Director: William KL Dickson
    • Image: William Heise
    • Duration: 29 s
    • Genre: Music hall
    • Format: 35 mm double set of four rectangular side perforations Edison by frame, black and white, silent
    • Production: Edison Manufacturing Company
    • Release date: 1894

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Bucking Broncho (movie, 1894)

Bucking Broncho is an American film directed by William Kennedy Laurie Dickson , released in 1894 . Bucking means: making leaps of sheep. Mexicans call Broncho the untamed horses.

This film is one of the first shots with the first vertical kinetic film camera, the kinetograph , 35 mm wide, two pairs of four perforations per frame 1 , designed by Dickson and William Heise from Thomas’s sketches Edison and prototype in which the film of 19 mm wide horizontal linear scrolling, six perforations at the bottom of the frame, with circular images, 12 mm in diameter, last souvenir of optical toys .

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Blacksmith Scene

Blacksmith Scene (also known as the Blacksmith Scene # 1 and Blacksmithing Scene ) is a silent film American of less than a minute, directed by William Kennedy Dickson in1893 .

This film (the English word film is used for the first time in the modern sense by Thomas Edison), shot with the Kinetographe , the first camera in the history of cinema, is one of the first films publicly presented thanks to the Kinétoscope , machine individual viewing by eyecup. In 1995 , he was added to the US National Film Registry’s list of official repairs and preservation of historically important films by the Library of Congress in Washington .

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Barber Shop

Barber Shop is an American film directed by William Kennedy Laurie Dickson , released in 1894.

This film is a first shot with the first camera cinema vertical linear scrolling, Kinetograph , size 35 mm wide, with two pairs of four perforations per frame , designed by Dickson from sketches Edison and the first model that unrolled the film 19 mm wide, six perforations at the bottom of the frame, scrolling horizontally.

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